Favorite immune boosting 'tricks'?

I’m lying here with a nasty case of bronchitis and high blood sugars. So, How do I get healthy again? Does anybody have any favorite immune boosters? I’m drinking lots of OJ., Emergen-C’s, and eating Garlic.

Hi Christy,
I use vitamin C every day, but my favorite thing is a half cup of bluebrrries. I love them plain and either fresh or frozen, but they really seem like a boost for me This is of course a cumulative thing and may be purely psychlogical on my part. Sometimes i can get frozen blackberries or raspberries on sale, far cheaper than the fresh ones. And i substitute the other berries for the blueberrries. I also substitute cherries when I can get them. These are all an indulgence, but if I splurge on anything it is going to be berries of some sort. I sure hope you are feeling better soon/

um- are you eating the garlic raw with the OJ, cause frankly, that’s probably what’s making you sick. LOL

Hope you feel better soon!

A friend of mine swears by echinacea (sp?).

Echinacea tea or tincture seems to help me a lot when I’m right at the beginning of being sick; it’s more for use with acute symptoms though, not something you should get in the habit of using long-term. A good B vitamin is also good – I take that every day, along with the rest of my supplements.

I’m also a huge believer in getting plenty of sleep! After changing my diet, making a commitment to getting 8 or 9 hours of quality sleep every night is probably the most effective thing I’ve done to protect my health now that I know I’m diabetic. I’m actually a little obsessive about it (I even bought a new wool and latex mattress last year and took everything synthetic and electric out of the room I sleep in) but it’s made a huge difference. I don’t know if it’s because of the sleep or because my BG is under better control but I haven’t been sick in almost a year.

Plenty of sleep, lots of fluids and a humidifier are the best medicine when you’re sick. To help prevent getting sick I take a daily multi-vitamin, exercise, drink lots of water, eat mostly organic and wash my hands religiously.

Orange juice has lots of added sugar; sugar will mess with your immune system. I also think things like milk and oj might not be the best with bronchitis, but I don’t really know. Go for the orange itself or just stick with the vitamin c.

The best thing for your immune system is just being in shape, of course, and getting a good balanced diet with real foods containing lots of vitamins, nutrients, and enzymes. Getting sleep during the night and plenty of it is helpful.

I also agree with proper rest. When you’re tired, get some sleep!
Also, wash your hands a lot. I just noticed that my grocery store has dispensers by the shopping carts that have baby-wipe lookings things you can use to sanitize the push bar on the cart. I never thought about how many people handle a shopping cart until today…

Christy, O.J. is loaded with sugar, fast-acting sugar, at that. Spend some time in the book stores. Read, read, read, about diabetes. Learn where the sugars are. Know the names of the hidden sugars. Count carbs; read all labels.


Fave immune boosters: getting enough quality sleep, eating a healthy diet, and getting enough exercise.

Lots of Hot Tea!!!
I love the wellness tea from Teavana!!!
Lemon and peppermint teas always seems to feel like they are helping!!!

High Christy,
I have a comprised immune system because of many chronic illnesses. I have a few tricks
B complex everyday. Be careful of high doses of D E A K they are not water soluble and do build in the system unlike B’s
Echinacea is good but from what I studied it needs a catalyst to work in the body like golden seal root otherwise it does not metabolize well. However be careful not to use Golden seal root for more then 10 days it can in some people cause liver damage since it goes through the liver to work.
Mint tea is good for mucus and good for your tummy.
Salt water gargle is good also.

Hope something helps.
Get better and be loved

there is more vitamin c in tomatoes than there is in oranges. i think that it is actually negligible, unless it is added. if you take a c supplement i think that you have to take it with calcium to make it work. i myself lean toward homeopathics. get your sugar down and take aconite, then a couple of hours later belladonna (homeopathics, the full strength of either of those will kill you) i would avoid the oj as was said earlier, it is just glorified sugar…