Favorite Packaged Food

I would love to know what packaged foods others are using to make life more convenient. (Yes, my very-crunchy-sister would frown on my love for “foods from the factory” as opposed to “foods from the farm” but hey, life is hard and I want to make it easier. Something’s gotta give.)

For example, I’ve heard several people extol Juicy Juice boxes because they are an easy 16 carbs to consume when low. When my hands are shaking, I have a hard time opening those little straws and punching it in the box without squeezing a bunch of juice on myself!

Personally, one of my favorites is the Jif to Go individual packs of peanut butter. It has 15 carbs, 15 grams of protein, and comes in a convenient package, which is probably my favorite feature of this product. (Peanut butter is so hard to measure properly, and difficult to pack up in small quantities.)

What other packaged foods do people love? Either for the packaging convenience, or the perfect combination of nutrients, or any other reasons.

Bars: I will have to say the South Beach work for me the best, plus they taste good and don’t cost an arm and a leg! :slight_smile:

As for frozen items, I have found my personal gold with the red Weight Watchers ones. Anyone else likes those? They have a good balance of carbs and proteins and very little fat.

Roasted edamame (green soybeans)!! I get them at Trader Joe’s and health food stores. They are incredibly good, less fat than regular nuts, and most of the carbs are fiber. I like these even more than regular roasted soy nuts.

I don’t buy energy bars for food, just as snacks, so I look for smaller, lower calorie/fat bars. I love the Clif Z Bars, which are aimed at kids. They come in several flavors, are extremely tasty, 120-140 calories, have 20-22g of carbs each, and 3g of fiber. Low fat (3-5g), but also low protein (just 3g).

For frozen meals I like Amy’s organic vegetarian meals. I’m not vegetarian but I like that I recognize all of the ingredients on the labels. Some are high calorie but others, like the tamale pie and some of the pot pies, are under 200 calories. Don’t remember the carb counts offhand, but I just take whatever insulin I need anyway.

The South Beach high protein bars are fantastic.

I’m also a fan of General Mills’ “cereal and milk” bars. They’re pretty unhealthy, and have a pretty bad load of sugar in 'em, but they’re bulky relative to the total carb count and, thus, make for a really easy meal replacement.

White chocolate

Sun Chips, for crunch, and deliciousness, and convenience.