Protein bars?

Lately I have been hungry constantly … not sure why. I asked my CDE about it yesterday and she suggested I up my protein intake. I was thinking a good snack to have would be some kind of protein bar. Can anyone suggest one that takes pretty good? Thanks!

ThinkThin bars are awesome for a protein bar. The are gluten free and diabetic friendly. I eat them for breakfast on workdays and they hold my blood sugars steady till lunch.

Premium Protien Bars (I used to buy them at Costco) are large bars with only 23-24 grams of carbs for the whole bar and 30 grams of protien. 1/2 bar was all I needed to fill me up and last a long time. I can’t remember how many flavors they came in…at least 3-4 and I really liked all of the flavors.

These aren’t bars, but they taste decent, especially the chocolate flavor. Its called Lean Body. And it’s sugar free. You can find out more info about it here;

Protein & fat will keep you from being hungry.

If you want to try a protein shake, I find these a lot more filling (& a lot less carbs) that protein bars. Of course, not something you can carry around in your purse:) Whey isolate protein powder is good, very low carb. The isolate form is supposed to be the best. Lots of brands out there that have no sweeteners. I use NOW brand & like it because it dissolves easily. I mix a couple scoops with unsweetened almond milk & flavoring. Tastes like a milkshake.

You can also add whey isolate powder to soups to thicken it & in baking for extra protein.

Isopure Zero Carb :slight_smile:


I can’t stand protein bars. It is almost as if protein was never meant to be eaten in bar form and any attempt to produce it so results in a mess that is bland tasting at best, dry as hell (literally), and with a texture/mouth-feel that makes you question if it is really food.

I prefer shakes. You can get zero-fat, zero-carb, zero-cholesterol custom protein powders with your choice of flavor, sweetener (several types of artificial ones, and a 0-carb natural one called Stevia), and additives like vitamins and specific amino acids, among other things, at You can also get other types of protein besides whey isolate, like egg proteins if you want a little bit of fat in there to make you feel full longer, or if milk products give you a hard time.

I picked up a shaker bottle with one of those whisk ball things in it, and just load up the powder before I go to work and make the shake when I get hungry by adding water.

You may also want to consider using Symlin to address the appetite issue. It works phenomenally well for that.

I use whey protein powder, too. I have only tried the Whole Foods 365 Brand. I think it has 80 calories and 2 g carbs per scoop. They have a vanilla and a chocolate flavor (I’ve only had vanilla, and will try the chocolate as soon as I finish this container). I mix it with the unsweetened chocolate almond milk and a frozen banana. Better than a milkshake!

The protein bars mentioned are nothing but sugar with vitamins & minerals added. Fractionated palm oil (another word for hydrogenated) isn’t healthy or any of the other ingredients. They’re essentially expensive candy bars & don’t even have much protein. Energy bars for people working out needing quick sugar perhaps & a lot of marketing hype, but these are not healthy for diabetics.

Also want to caution about soy because many diabetics have thyroid problems & soy is antagonistic to the thyroid.

Buy some walnuts or almonds at Costco. They have protein and good fat and are very diabetic friendly. Eat a handful of this instead of the sugared alledged protein bars.

The Powerbars, ThinkThin, Soy Joys, all of those have a TON of extra calories and carbs… the best protein bar I’ve found to date with the most protein, least calories and least carbs is the Balance 100 calorie bars. They come in great flavors too - not everything is covered in chocolate (I’m not a fan) - my favorite is the peanut butter crunch!


Those bars will hold you for a long enough time? I always crash 2 hours after eating them so I avoid them now.

I am not a big chocolate fan. I like the Laura Bars. I love the wide variety of flavors.

I like the Extend Bars with 1 gram net carbs. The Chocolate Delight contains 12 grams of protein and is supposed to help control blood sugar for up to 9 hours. I carry them when I travel by plane.

Hey, Stacey. I use Protein bars for over a year now and the best ones that I can recommend are the gluten free Combat Crunch bars. They taste great and have so much protein in them. You can find more information here

I actually love these protein bars and only 4 grams of carbs.


I second the Quest Bars! I switched to the Oh Yeah One Bars and the sugar alcohols do a number on me. Quest doesn’t use them.

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I like Quest bars. I also do fairly well with Oatmega Bars, though I do get slightly more of a rise out of them than Quest. I use them after Water Aerobics. I love that they donate bars to food banks as part of a “giving back” initiative, too.

It appears these bars include Maltitol as a sweetener. As noted in reviews, this is known to spike blood sugar. I am a T2 no meds, so I try to avoid all spikes.