Popeye would be so proud

This dieting thing has done one thing so far and that is making me one with the food lables. Today at the grocery store I couldn’t help but look at the nutritional info on every single thing I picked up.

I was a little disappointed with the diet frozen meals which I thought were a bit expensive, but worth it when I don’t feel up to prepairing the night before for lunch. One brand was on sale and looked pretty good, however the saying, “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover” seemed to pop into my head at THE SAME EXACT TIME. As I turned the little freezing box around in my hand I was amazed by how NOT “diet” the meals were cracked up to be. I ended up buying two family sized bags of frozen leaf spinach and was amazed by how good it was for you. (0 fat, 3 grams of carbs and about 30 calories) per serving.
Looks like I’ll be eating lots of it until I can no longer look at it anymore…

Good for you Jessica. My other favorites too are the broccoli, cauliflower, green beans and brussels sprouts. I also picked up this 2 pound bag of mixed vegetables that had the broccoli, cauliflower, green and yellow squash and a some sliced carrots. There was only 5 carbs in a cup with 2 grams of fiber. This was new for me, all cooked together. The squash was pretty limp after cooking, but really tasted good to me.
I don’t know what knds of meat you like or if you like. But my favorite thing for quite awhile now is the roasted chicken or the rotisserie chicken. I really like the dark meat when it is hot and save the breast meat for slicing. I use a low carb tortilla and stuff it with the white breast meat and a lilttle sour cream for a great sandwich. You can always microwave it and heat it up too.
When I am home with all the laundry and cleaning, etc. my favorite “treat” sandwich is a low carb tortilla placed in a dry non stick skillet. You warm it up on one side and turn it and place a couple of thin slices of deli roast beef and a couple of slices of provolone on it. Fold it over and flip from side to side to brown it up and give it a little crunch on the outside. When the cheese is melted I put in a thin slice of onion. I also have some horseradish to dip it into.
I would welcome any ideas you have too.