FDA warns of security risks in certain Medtronic insulin pumps

The agency issued a statement today that certain Medtronic MiniMed Paradigm pumps have potential cybersecurity risks and said patients using these pumps should switch to a model better protected from security risks. MDT is recalling the affected pumps and providing alternatives to patients.

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This news is older then dirt

Medtronic knew this about 15 years and choose to yawn and forget about it

It never happened and never will happen

The FDA should go back to sleep

Are you saying that MDT is NOT recalling and replacing the affected models, because clearly they are.

FDA Notice

MMT Notice:

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The 508 came out in 2003 – who is using it

This is a non problem - it’s more then ridiculous


MDT has identified 4,000 patients possibly affected by this. If the company has known about the issue and basically told the feds to “Make my day,” then that seems like a poor decision because no company wants this kind of publicity.


Told ya - Medtronic and the FDA should be done away with - I really don’t care how

So reuters knew 8 years ago - I guess the FDA does not read the news

It’s not just the 508. There’s a range of pumps on the list and lots of people stll use older versions–me for instance. Mine is on the list, albeit only for an older software version, so I’m not affected.

There’s a good deal of overlap with the pumps that are compatible with Loop. Here’s the Loop list:

Here’s the FDA warning list:

I wonder what the real backstory is here.


I’m using Omnipod and turning my Ping in for the $750 gift card Animas is providing. But I have a 723 that will now be my only spare pump. Not likely but it is possible to one day run out of pods. Or something. I wish there was a way to trade in the 723 ( warranty is up Fall 2021) and just not proceed with training yet on a new Medtronic. It would be nice to have something set aside for emergency.

Terry4, I suspect that Medtronics is trying to clear the marketplace of pumps that can be looped.




Which makes me also suspect that the Animas Ping with its remote capability will also be looped eventually. That is why Medtronics, under the guise of Animas, is offering $750 for the return of all those still under warranty. Why else?


If warranty till 2021, you probably have a newer model than those listed (2.4). My warranty is up next year, and my version is 3.0, so does not qualify.

And a reminder from Animas in the mail today:

As you are aware, Animas is exiting the pump market. It is necessary that you make a change to your pump provider now. We have partnered with Medtronic to make the transition as smooth and simple as possible.

Animas Supplies Ending
Animas pump supplies will not be available from Animas or Medtronic after September 30, 2019. This includes cartridges, infusion sets, cartridge caps, battery caps and other accessories for Animas pumps.

Animas Exchange Program Ending
If your Animas pump is in-warranty, you are eligible to exchange it for the Minimed 630G or the Minimed 670G pump at no cost to you through the Animas exchange program. This program ends September 30, 2019.

Act Now - Time is Running Out

The same thought crossed my mind, too. But it’s curious that Med-T has known about their pumps being utilized in the do-it-yourslef systems for many years now and yet, at this late date, are taking this action.

The other motive that comes to mind is that they want to minimize any legal exposure that they may feel about their older pumps being used in DIY systems.

I don’t think that many (if any) people who already are using Loop, OpenAPS, or AndroidAPS will heed this Medtronic warning.


It’s up in 2020 April. Where is the version? I’d best collect my $750 and then deal with them later I suppose.

On the bottom of system status screen, and may also be on back label.

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I wouldn’t be surprised if Medtronics has installed and played with the DYI solution.

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