Medtronic urgent field safety warning, 630, 670

Received an urgent safety warning from MT via email today, figured it wouldn’t hurt to post a link to the info page here:

Pertains to
MiniMed™ 630G insulin pump MMT-1715
MiniMed™ 670G insulin pump MMT-1780


Got the letter yesterday. The clear ring looks like it protrudes enough to be quite exposed to impact damage.

My wife decided she also wants a 670, so we looked at her 530. Sure enough, it had some cracks around the reservoir window that “tick the right box” when calling for a “new” pump. She will get the loaner tomorrow and the Medicare-provided (thru CCS Med) pump should show up in less than a month. Like me, she has a hard time reading the awful 530 screen.

So I guess someone’s made them DIY loopable then :wink:

Have not yet received a notification. Called Medtronic this evening to inquire about a pump error message and was not advised of the issue.