Feature request: Have a way to ignore a particular user's post

Many other forums have an ignore user feature that will hide all posts from specified users. Is that something that could be added to this forum?

Lol who do you want to ignore?

Pretty sure I would like to ignore the same person.

I would love to have that feature :)

I don't need to name names, but it's obvious if you read posts about omnipod.

I love the idea, problem is a lot of the conversations would be pretty difficult to follow with any one persons replies weren’t visible. The other problem is nobody would be able to see anything I said anymore :wink:

I'm wondering it this persons name starts with an s... and sam it's not you ;) haha

Play nice

I agree with Sam that it would be hard to follow a conversation with one person's posts missing but then if that were an option it would be an individual choice to use the feature or not.

Personally when there have been people in the past who created tension or negativity on the board I found it a relief when they were either banned or chose themselves to leave.

When someone seems to want to always argue or "prove themselves right" my first tendency is to engage with them. But I've learned that doing that is giving in to a side of myself I don't like all that much. So I've learned to just either ignore that person's posts altogether or read them in the flow of conversation and just shrug and not respond.It's hard to keep arguing if nobody engages! I feel I grow when I can do that. I choose who I spent time with in RL - in cyberspace I can choose who I let bother me.

Agree entirely, Zoe. I suffer from the same temptation and the same negative results when I yield to it. You're right -- it takes 2 to fight. If you walk away, it can't continue. And there's one other thing, also: the sort of person we're discussing absolutely, positively, unconditionally MUST have the last word, and will always insist on doing so. So participating just guarantees that the misery will continue until someone eventually refuses to play.

Hi all,

I'm looking into whether this feature is supported by Ning, and will let you know in this thread when I get a definitive answer. I'm sorry it's a feature folks want, but of course I also understand.

Stay tuned...

I don't like the "ignore" feature. I think that the openness of the community is a virtue. If people want to be nasty and go "oh, so and so's name starts with A but I'M NOT GONNA SAY WHAT IT IS!!!" I don't think that sort of thing lives up to the standards of the community. It engenders ganging up and exclusion that I don't find very appealing. If you want to gang up and point to specific factual errors or discuss that your opinion is different, that's what we should strive for.

hey, where did everybody go?

I understand your rationale and in fact don't disagree in the abstract. But there is a genuine problem here that can't be wished away and mustn't be ignored, and it is this: there will always be a few people who for reasons of their own simply won't interact appropriately.

Make no mistake. "Appropriately" doesn't just mean adhering to some feel-good standard of what constitutes nice behavior, without any real world consequences. The consequence of really toxic behavior is quite real, and injurious to the community. It can frighten or chase away people who badly need the support the community provides. That's a real human cost, and antithetical to what we're here for.

As things stand today, there are only two extremes: tolerate the behavior, or expel the offender (which has been done in the past and will probably need to be done again, human nature being what it is). The suggestion raised by the OP here is an attempt to find a middle ground between the two extremes. Certainly that's a worthwhile subject for discussion.

Well others think it’s ok to gang up on others and belittle people and no one is doing anything about it. I’m also all about community and people have their own opinion. But with certain people your opinions are not respected and if the issue isn’t addressed then I’d rather have the option to ignore than see post after post of ignorance and attitude.

I agree it is a valid topic for discussion but I think it a bad idea. The ignore button allows each of us to hold our little grudges, make nasty comments and behave in less than wonderful ways and force others to clean up our act. I don't think it will help making TuD a better place - especially as the culture here is very good in general and most tussles get resolved by the parties pretty quickly.


Who said that?


I've seen a few threads lately that warranted and received Admin's admonishment and perhaps this would be a way to avoid that.

Then that takes both you and the ignoree out of the thread of the conversation. The point is to be together, for better or for worse, as they say. If the tussles are the ones I was thinking of, there may have been a few points that were close but that's why we have admins and I feel that the admins here do a very capable job of shutting things down when threads cross the line into name-calling or generalizations that are not substantiated.

The "sciency" arguments can be tough because, in the end, there's so much that is unknown about diabetes that anyone anyone posts with any degree of certainty may not stand up to attacks because, in the end, we still don't know what causes any type of diabetes. To me, if you don't like thread or a user, the way to point it out is to find as much evidence as you can to support your point, $#!+can anything that doesn't support your view and try to do a post diplomatically and as pleasantly as possible, perhaps with some humor which is still one of my favorite weapons in the war on diabetes. It doesn't always work, I think I posted the link to the Defronzo article 3x in one thread recently but, it made me feel like I was contributing something to someone who might bother looking for what's in the article.

I have had a couple of very unsettling moments here-I was recently called ignorant and stupid. It was offensive and, deserving or not, an opinion that should not have been posted. I let the webmaster know and the comments were removed. I think the admin team here is great. I still feel bad, as that person has not posted again.

However, I agree that this should always be an open and free place to talk and share. Don't agree with me? you? us? OK. All the opinions have helped me.

But, PLEASE,PLEASE, PLEASE be kind to everyone here. We need each other.

LOL there are some amongst that warrant a mute button on occasion probably myself included but I am opposed to the idea. I see this idea as trying to go thru life with a pair of rose colored glasses and never seeing the world as it is.

This is a place to discuss and in a discussion there is no guarantee that all will agree. That's what discussion is about. When a discussion turns in to an argument that is when the administration should and does step in.

I agree with Zoe about how to handle these type of posters. The answer is self control. I have to control my urge to fan the flames even hotter. It we all practice that philosophy the offensive poster will soon find themselves with no one to argue with.

My two cents..and my name starts with a "S" so maybe that 'one' was directed at me from a very new poster, and...that's OK. Can't someone just unfollow the conversation or not participate if you're getting that heated up about it? It's just a conversation, that's what happens on most interactive websites - FB/Twitter; be it politics, religion, what color is the sky, etc.. I read through the initial Omnipod conversation mentioned and it just seems to be a vicious cycle and by even posting this, isn't it, in a way, attacking (or calling someone out) the OP of that conversation who looks to be new here? Doesn't he/she have a right to convey his frustration - experience(s)? As Zoe noted, I catch myself doing this too, getting in too deep, feeling like I have to be right and I'll try to go back and remove the comment(s) if I made them out of anger or whatever (note to self too, check my blood sugars, ha!) I think most of this stems from passion not to attack. IDK, that's just my opinion. Wouldn't it just be prudent to unfollow the conversation or don't participate if you become so bothered by it? That's what I'm going to do too, going forward. Yes, the Admins do a good job if conversations go off track and I'm grateful for that.