Privacy Question

So my question is does anyone know if we have the ability to block a member on here or prevent them from viewing our posts/vise versa? I hate to even ask this but some things I just do not want to see by a particular member. I respect everyone in this community but sometimes you just don’t want to be bothered by or see certain posts. It’s the same premesis of a blocking someone on Facebook due to posting annoying material. Just curious if I had the option to do the same or something similar here?

No, I don’t think such option exists. Your posts can be viewed by anyone, including non-members.

You can send a private message to someone. That works for privacy, with the downside of diminished readers.

If anyone attacks you, the admin people will squelch them quickly. It has happened here.

If an alligator attacks you, it is best to zig zag as you run away. It has to do with their eyesight. My wife told me that last night. She has never been attacked by an alligator.


There is an option in your preferences that let’s you turn off notifications from a particular member. However you will still see all their topics and posts in the forums.

As @Robert17 notes you can create a private message to an arbitrary distribution list. The message, which is functionally equivalent to a topic will be private. Members in the distribution list to the message can respond with posts just like with a topic. You can at a later time add any other members by inviting them to a conversation. There are very good reasons for having a private conversation among a select group. However if you ever feel uncomfortable about posts from other members you are encouraged to flag the post (or message an admin) to ask for assistance. The admin team works very hard to make this a safe space.


also in your preferences you choose to mute a particular topic if you never want to receive any notifications about it.

to look at your preferences, click your avatar on the upper right and then click the little round gear symbol. we encourage all members to fill out as much of their profile as they can, so others will be able to get to know you better :relaxed:

Ok those are wonderful tips and will use them. I appreciate each and every one here.