TuDiabetes Thread Indentation

Some of our discussion go on for large number of pages. Responses to a certain post become separated by light-years from the original comment.

I have noticed that some members are prefixing their comments with an addressee like @Joe6Pack- . Maybe we should adopt this technique where applicable. It would certainly make threads a lot easier to follow.

Can you explain how this would help? I don't understand what you mean and what the addressee is?

Zoe -- I think MountainCat is suggesting that each reply be prefaced with a direct address to the author of the comment in question, sort of like the intro to this one!

On another note, I hope to one day see a "printer-friendly" link for conversation threads. Many on this board have suggested the cut & paste method, transferring content to a Word document, but I rarely have time to do that...