Low Blood sugar?

I think i had my first low since i have been diagnosed. i woke up and i went downstairs check my sugar and it was 87 and then like immediately after i check it i felt like really dazed and like i couldn’t stand up for much longer so i hurried up and drank a glass of milk then i sat down and with in like 5 mins i was starting to get less dazed. then after like 20 mins i was back to normal… the whole reason im posting this is to see if anybody else meter has giving a false result…and if my situation sounded like a low to you.

Brandon when in doubt re-test. At 87 your bs was within range. You might have been going low but not there yet. Also if you tested 15-20 minutes later you might have been going high.

well i had just woke up and didnt eat yet so thats why i check my sugar. so after i was felling normal again i eat and took my shot for what i was eat but also accounted for the glass of milk i drank and my sugars were good all day so i don’t know what was going on.

Sometimes you can feel like you’re having a low when instead your blood sugar just dropped fast. That happens to me a lot. Sometimes i feel like i might even pass out even though my blood sugar is technically still in range. So it may ahve just been that your blood sugar dropped pretty fast and made you feel like you were lower than you were. but at 87 you could have also been on your way to having a low blood sugar so it was probably a good thing you had that glass of milk but then also took the insulin for it.

thanks that might of been what happend cause when i wake up im usally in the 80’s or 90’s thats why i was wondering why i felt so weird that time and i did take the insulin for it after.

Same thing happened to me tonight. I was checking under the car and when I got up I felt weak. I checked and my bs was 72. I am on the pump and it was my body telling me to eat dinner.