Why Cant People Understand How It Feels? I Know Its Horrible But I Wish My Friends Had Diabetes, Just To See How It Feels Then Tell Me That They Understand It!.

i feel that way s0metimes t00. its n0t fair that any 0f us have t0 have it. n0 0ne kn0ws h0w it really feels t0 have this. prediagn0sis i c0uld have never imagined. chin up. we can d0 this, even if we really d0nt want t0.

I Know, Its Just Hard Sometimes.

ChelsOrd, it might really help if you could find a type 1 support group in your age range or even go do Diabetes camp! I've had many adult type 1's tell me that doing that when they were kids or teens really helped them feel less alone!


Age old questions usually don't have an answer. I have been varying degrees of D for about 30 years. Started T2 and ignored it; didn't take it seriously. Does that sound familiar? If WE don't take it seriously, why should others? I gradually progressed through the disease til I ended up on the insulin and am producing insulin like a T1. (NONE!) Now that I have lost an ankle and foot to a side-attraction of the big D, I still don't take it as seriously as it is. There are days when I am fully compliant and even explaining to non-D's and trying to encourage fellow D's. Then there are days you'd think I'd never heard of it!!!

Seek encouragement and ask questions of every good source until you're well on the road to dealing with it in your own healthful fashion. Remember: we are each unique creatures of our Creator.


Ik how you feel except its my parents. They always tell me they understand how it feels and thayt if they could they would take it away. Thats why i made them be a diabetic for a week. They had to check and give themselves shots just like me. They didnt even last 3 days.

OMG do u know how many times I've wished that my hubby had D???? Justimes???? I would just want him to have it for a day or 2 then be ok. He so gets me when he says "I know how u feel" Ugh NO he DON"T DON'T TELL ME STUFF LIKE THAT!!!!!!