I feel all alone ! help

So i have had type 1 juvenile diabetes for about 5 years now. and i haven’t & i have yet too meet or talk to any other diabetics ! i just want to know im not the only one that feels the same at times.

You are definately not alone, though I know it really feels that way sometimes. I was just diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and January and it has been a rollercoaster. So many questions, so many emotions, and so much frustration. I dont really know much about this stuff, I’m still learning, but if you ever need to talk you can message me
Take care


I always knew there were more of me (type 1) diabetics in the world, but I never knew where or how to talk to them. Our little corner of the world is a good place to seek support and conversation. I want you to know that we care deeply for you. I have been diabetic for 34 years, I see my friend Christina responded and she has been diabetic for less than a year. If you look at mu page you will see that Christina and I have been talking almost every day for a week or so. So how unusual would you say that is? We not very unusual on or little site. See we are all in the same boat together, if you have questions or concerns let us know, we will try to answer with experience, humor or silliness.

Take care, you are valued here.


You’re not alone! We’re here :slight_smile:

Plenty of us folks around, I have been T1 for nearly 40 years. I was Dx’d when I was 7, so I can sometimes remember what it was like… on one of my good days. Uh… what was the question again?

Seriously tho, I know exactly what you mean. I grew up on a farm and had a graduating class of 59 in high school… needless to say that I was the only diabetic around in school (hmmm… if it was needless, why did I say it?). I’m not sure T2 diabetes even existed back then…


Hallie trust me UR NOT ALONE!!! ive had it for 5 years now to. the things that keep me going is the support from my friends on those days u dont want to deal with diabetes.

Hallie, I was diagnosed in August (age 17). so far, i haven’t met another type 1. i only know one person with type 1, and it’s a dad at my church. so… i feel really alone most of the time. because, nobody knows what i’m dealing with. and i don’t ever have someone to talk with about this stuff. so, yeah. i’d say that loneliness is a big problem for me. i think it would be awesome to have an event someday where a bunch of teens/young adults with type 1 can get together somewhere.

Yeah I have been T1 since 1987. I was 17. It was weird. I spun it to my advantage somehow, but sometimes can’t get over the fact that I have to deal with this B.S. until I am dead. It’s not like a temporary inconvenience. You now what I mean? I can put up with bs for a period of time if I see an end in sight. But every now and then, I think that this is not a temporary inconvenience. And that kinda bums me out. So every now and then, it hits me that I am stuck with this PITA condition.

But then I remember it could be A LOT worse. For instance, I am lucky enough to access to insulin pump and supplies, doctors, medicine, etc…and this tudiabetes community. I have my friends and family. And I am also part cyborg…because of my insulin pump. How bad @$$ is that!?

And I also think, “So what? I have diabeet-us (ala Wilfred Brimley). Meh. That’s life.”

Also, think of all the cool, famous people with type 1 diabeet-us.

Halle Berry, Anne Rice, one of the Jonas Brothers, Bobby Clark, Mary Tyler Moore (in spite of all that darn plastic surgery), Jackie Robinson, Elliot Yamin from American IDOL! (WOOT!), and a bunch of other people.

So keep your self educated on how to manage it, don’t give up, and remind your self that the grass ALWAYS SEEMS greener, but that’s because the neighbors painted it with “GrassBGreen”. It really is just as bad as your grass. Or as good as, rather.


Oh no…

You mentioned Halle Berry and T1… there goes this thread!

ouch. “one of the Jonas brothers”. that hurts me. lol… jk. his name is Nick, btw. lol.

The Jonas Brothers hurt me too…

especially when my niece is playing them.


Just kidding.

awwww… john!!!

come on!!! i love the jonas brothers. i’ve even gotten anti-jonas’ to admit that some of their music is good. it just depends what you hear.

plus, nick is amazing. lol

lol. its okay!
but the jonas brothers are annoying! my sister constantly plays there songs!

diabetics are better looking?!?!? lol!!! that’s awesome!

I may be cured, because I sure ain’t better looking.


Hallie: As you have seen, there are thousands of us. 7000+ right here. I was diagnosed when I was 19. One friend of my parents was a type 1, and she was in her 80s when I was diagnosed and passed away shortly after. I had not known anyone else who was T1 until I started actively looking for others, both here and elsewhere. I now have a good support group, set-up through www.meetup.com, which is for T1s in the New York City area. Start your own in your area if you want to meet others and sit down and talk. It is so worth it.

i know that this sounding like a broken record, but they didn’t have this long range communication when i was diagnosed… i grew up in a family of diabetics, and i was not. they are all over the country now and i am a diabetic, i am still alone… where it not for this little corner of the internet.

you’re also not alone thinking that the jonas brothers are annoying…

You are most definitely not alone. The entire TuDiabetes family is here for you.

We are not only better looking, but super cool, like better music (with some obvious exceptions!), are smarter, and have great sense of humors.

And excellent singing voices.

We are like the Cullen family from Twiglight. We even drink blood…you know, like after we test our blood sugar.

And we are way sweeter than average human.