Feeling frustrated

This more or less is just a rant post…

I’ve been on holidays for the past four weeks, which has been great, but I really forgot the difficulty of travelling and diabetes. My levels have been on daily roller coaster; correcting unsuspected lows, correcting highs, constantly trying to guess what’s been in my meals as I’ve hardly been able to cook myself. Whilst my averages have actually stayed alright my standard deviation has at times nearly doubled what it had been! I’ve just found it really tiresome try it to constantly battle with my diabetes and still enjoy the holiday I’d spent so long planning and saving for.

It’s the first time I’ve travelled with following a LCHF diet and that he helped, but even eating minimal carbs I find I get erratic spikes after some meals that just weren’t happening at home.

I know I shouldn’t complain, I’m on holidays after all; yet it’s been more stressful than I remember. Part of me has become angry at myself for throwing out my good run with my control, but I guess I’m doing the best I can.

Thanks for listening everyone and sorry for the pointless rant, 'twas something I needed to get off my chest!


Not pointless at all.

Hang in there!

Being on vacation can be difficult. Normally my day is quite regimented, what I eat is pretty well controlled. But on vacation my activity levels can be highly varied, strange hours and sometimes you really don’t exactly know what is on the plate in front of you.

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Think of it as a Vacation from Diabetes also and then you can say it was a success.


yeah i feel ya i just traveled and had the exact same frustration. novolog is too slow to react and then i take too much and it goes low then i overeat because i’m in a meeting and rushed and then it spikes again and away we go! it makes me not want to eat sometimes just so i can stabilize my blood sugars.

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And I think this is a perfect example of where Afrezza would fit into a diabetic regimen. My main problem when I’m not in a controlled environment like working form home is over correcting with insulin and over eating for a low. Afrezza I believe would have taken away the low crash of correcting the highs and kept me off the roller coaster. And for milder highs or lows you can just do a temporary basal increase/decrease. Novolog is like a sledge hammer where Afrezza is like a rubber mallet.

I believe the biggest problem with control nowadays is the insulin we have available. Novolog takes too long to get absorbed and react to a high, or food, and trails on too long unless you eat a higher fat and carb meal, or have slower digestion. We have the basal problem beat by the new Tresiba which is wonderful but we dont have the newer ultra fast novolog out yet. Afrezza is the next best thing but I’d like to see a regular version of insulin so it can be used in pumps and other devices to replace novolog/humalog.


Definitely not pointless. We just went away for a long weekend and stayed in a quiet place on the beach. Even with that simple trip I had issues with my blood sugar. I usually have total control and flexibility of my day and each day is pretty much the same as the next. When I do not have my normal schedule and activity it can be a real challenge to understand what to do. Meal times are different and activities vary widely. Not to mention the strange concept of behaving spontaneously. It can all be quite frustrating. I know it is for me.

Traveling and vacations are always hard for me. Just enjoy yourself and get back on track when you get home.

Thanks everyone for the feedback and support. I had an amazing holiday, and I must say as a whole was fairly happy with my control. It’s amazed me in the week I’ve been back just how much better it has been though, it really goes to show how much routine helps with keeping stable blood glucose levels.

I’ve done a lot of travel in the past, but never used to be quite as vigilant with my levels, so it was an interesting experience to see how I went with much tigheter control. Far too many highs and far too many lows for what I want but kept fairly good overall averages. The enjoyment, stress relief and experiences I gained from travel i think in the long run outweight the negative impact of slightly less controlled blood glucose levels for a month.

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