So I'm leaving for California next week (117 hours to be exact not that I'm counting). I'm flying down by myself and since my family lives down there I'll be with them for 2 weeks until my parents come down. I'm super excited but the closer it gets the less excited I become. I'm a food lover and I tend to post pictures of my food on Facebook and my family down there is always telling me I CAN'T eat that. My family knows quite a bit about Type 2 my grandpa and uncle both have it but when it comes to Type 1 (like me) they don't have a clue. While I know that there are similarities they still aren't the same and my doctor is constantly telling me to eat what I want as long as I know the carb count. I become really frustrated that I can't have a conversation without it being brought up. While I have only had it for 4 months now I've gotten into the routine and I understand how serious it is. I wish everyone would relax and understand I take care of myself and I can tell when my blood sugar is lower than 90.

I totally understand. People ask me all the time "Can you eat that?" It is so very obnoxious. I also get asked how I have diabetes because I am not overweight. It is hard to deal with people that do not understand especially family members.

Maybe you can sit down with some coffee with everyone and do some education? Let them know that you're quite capable, and that you really don't need 'policing'. Don't forget to have fun!!!

it sounds like you are managing very well yourself, since you are doing so well, i would ask of your family and friends to support you through this time rather than judge. since this is your issue and you have done the research which they obviously havent then they have no right to pipe up! now to say this in a way that you do not hurt anyone's feelings, i think jrtpup's advise is very good. people these days are just not very empathetic... ask them to put themselves in your shoes for a day.... this is my sons 'diabetes song' something like it he ever lived a mile in my shoes he might just know what its like or something to that effect, best of luck you sound like you are doing incredibly well and deserve accolades not judgement! we get you here! have fun and keep cooking great food, you've got this! amy