Feeling of the blues and just not feeling well in general

I have'nt posted here in quite a while, but today....I'm just not feeling up to par. I woke up this morning in a "blue funk" and so far, I have not been able to shake it. I feel anxious, irritated and very tired. I don't feel good, but I don't feel bad either.

I'm just wondering if anyone else ever have these feelings. I really don't think I have a reason to feel this way (at least not any real good reason), as I have a beautiful home, I work from home, a loving and supportive husband, and two grown children who are doing VERY well in their lives.

It just seems my brain is just not willing to cooperate with me feeling good (not having the blues). I take Cymbalta on a daily basis. Today seems to be one of those days I JUST CANNOT concentrate. What is my problem?!!!!


It’s just the “diabetic blues” sounds like to me.


You’re not alone. This happens to me a lot. Just try and ride it out, distract yourself with something new and absorbing, or something totally out of the ordinary that you would not typically do. That often helps me get out of my head, and know that it’s OK to feel blue, blah, and completely “flat.” There is nothing “wrong” with you (unless you were planning on being fulfilled by having a permanent smile on your face).

Oh, and I know about Cymbalta too. Talk to your doctor, you may have to up your dose if you feel this way on a consistent basis… These things are chemical too.

Yes, that’s true – it may be you need to take a different medication.

Happens to me all the time. I found it helps to go play with the dog or exercise. Just do something different rather than stare at the walls feeling blue.

You are not alone…let yourself feel this way, and then start all over tomorrow. Check the antidepressant with doctor and maybe up the dose for awhile. I went through this more often when I was going through menopause…hormones have alot do do with it and effects the diabetes too. Hope you feel better soon. xo

Do you guys think this happens to most diabetics?

I don’t know… I’ve read that there’s a relationship, and blood sugar imbalance sure makes one feel off and that can cause depression. Plus all the maintenance involved and the struggle to win against the mysteries of the body can get one down. But on the other hand, it can be a completely separate thing. One can have had depression way before diabetes makes an appearance.

Didn’t mean to sound so improper earlier. Got my own depression going now and the Dr refered to it as the “Diabetic Blues”. Yes it is Depression (sounds like anyway) and you probably need to talk to your Dr about your dosages.

I’m having a blue day too. . . I have good reasons, but, seriously, I have so much more to be thankful and grateful for. I’m allowing myself today, and am going to start tomorrow over on the right foot.

Hey, I’m also having a FB event tomorrow, throw an ugly plate day, if you want, join some of me and my friends, I think a community stress reliever is a great idea, and for me, at least, dealing with my own D, and then seeing how bad next year looks like it may be in relation to my DD’s D, well, maybe a steam release is in order and will help!


It will get better, there’s no choice in the matter ; )

Clee I am like all the rest here, there are good days and there are bad days. Sometimes I wake up and think, what’s the use I am not pricking my finger today, I am not shooting insulin in me today, I am going to rip this pod off my hip and say forget it. I look at my scarred fingertips and think, no more I’m fed up.

Then I acknowledge that it is depression doing my thinking and not my rational mind. So I force myself to get up, est myself, and go through another day. I am convinced that depression is a side effect of diabetes. I think when we realize we are going to go through this ritual of testing and insulin injections every day for the rest of our lives, we develop depression.

When depression hits me and sometimes it hits be very badly, I just keep to myself, stay off the internet, release my depression through writing poems and stories, and sort of mentally hide under the covers till it passes. That’s not the best advice to give someone who suffers from depression, but it works for me.

You are not alone, Clee.

Yes…24/7, over powers the mind and body after time.

It is 5:30 p.m. right now where I live. I’ve been working and most of the time, by now, this feeling is gone. It is still here. As I said, I take Cymbalta but it feels like all I did was suck air!!!

I’m not trying to have a pitty patry, but it just doesn’t feel too good right now (for that matter…all day). I just wish I could stop this merry-go-round and take a breather. I’m having this feeling way down to my toes and for today, I just can’t shake it. I’m going to stop for shortly (earlier than usual) and just sit in the quiet of a room. I don’t want to think, I don’t want to talk…I just want to “be”…

I’m sure I’ll be fine in the morning but right now…I just want to sit still and be quiet and do nothing. My blood sugars have been fine but this “blue” feeling has got to go…

First, don’t worry about appearing to want a pity party. All of us here seem to share your depression so we know what it’s like. Sometimes you just want to be. Do it. Tomorrow will come and it will be okay. Whatever it is you don’t get done today can be done tomorrow. Nothing is too important it can’t wait. Your mental health is what matters most.

One thing I do when I get the blues is listen to blues music. Weird but somehow that helps me.

Just be, Clee. Do what you need to do. Don’t talk until you are ready. When you are, then talk. And I will listen.

Hi Clee…
Oh, I can so relate to your post. “Diabetic blues” is what my endo has called it…except mine has been going on for the past 6 months. I’ve been on Cymbalta but had to go off because of weight gain and nausea.
I agree with the poster who said “just be”. So hard to do…to just experience the feelings and physical manifestations…but sometimes it can be what works. However, if it starts to affect your personal/professional life, you need to speak to your doctor about it. Maybe you need to change the dosage of Cymbalta. What are your bs readings compared to what they were before you started feeling this way?

On a side note…when I was following a much stricter Paleo/low carb eating plan, my ability to focus and concentrate was shockingly good. The extra protein seemed to clear the fuzz in my brain. I’m working on going back to that way of eating. in order to get that clarity back. Along with the great bs readings.

Best of luck…don’t forget to be easy on yourself.

what a great saying SEAGATOR!!! Frowns do make wrinkles!!! Clee, just be still. bfor a while… and find Peace. but yu may have to take more actions… I have had depressions in the past and I let the “stinking thinking” take hold of me ( “woe is me, I cannot do anything to get out of this”; “It won’t get any better”, etc)… I found that getting out and helping others helped me a LOT ( reading to the elderly, volunteering at the homeless shelter,etc) I found had the energy to do this when I just said " I can do it" and I acted like I did have the energy and the good feelings " Fake it till you make it"
Hope you have a better day

God Bless, Brunetta

You guys are GREAT!!! The only thing is…I was not feeling anything yesterday…but at the same time I was…I felt like a hollow shell…if that is any description…I had no thoughts…AT ALL…like my brain just had some air in it wtih no thoughts… Last night before goingg to bed I took another Cymbalta (my usual dose is one per day)…While I did not sleep very well last night, I did wake up feeling much better. Sooo…I guess I need to have either my dosage changed or have something else prescribed for me. I got up this morning at 7:00 a.m…I usually get up at 5:15 a.m.to go to the gym. However…this morining…I decided to heck with it and MADE myself stay put!! Right now I’m working and I’m doing pretty okay. I think I’m just so tired I don’t know which way to go!!! My schedule is pretty hectic and I feel like I need to get so much done.Yesterday’s power nap did not take place as I felt like I just could not shunt down.

Today IS a better day and I’m hoping it will get even better. I just need to “BE”.

Clee, I’m sorry you’re not feeling your best. I’ve always had this blue funk feeling, most of my life, and usually I was able to manage it okay… I could distract myself, or find things to occupy my mind… but for two occasions: when I had uncontrolled/undiagnosed Hypothyroidism, and when I had uncontrolled/undiagnosed Diabetes. Any time my thyroid gets wacky, or my BG numbers go up drastically, I get blue… For NO reason at all. My last really big depressive episode I had to be hospitalized… and yeah, I had no situational/circumstantial reasons to feel bad, at all. Once I got the numbers under control, my Depression went away… and I don’t take any pills now. I don’t think this will be the case for every situation, but I do think it helps immensely… to keep a tighter control on D, or look to see if we have any Thyroid issues.

Also… I feel much happier not being happy all the time. lol I don’t know if that makes sense, but I am just happy being a realist… and not having to focus on being “optimistic” for everything, all the time. heh :slight_smile: I tend to think that sometimes when we are way too perky about everything, it’s like we live in this clueless daze, and then when bad things happen we’re unprepared and unready to deal with them… I especially hate those “motivational” posters… they depress me the most. You know, the ones that are like “Strength” and some lame caption below going on about “Facing the storms of life” or some crap. heh I prefer “demotivational posters” hehe…

I dunno why, but they make me laugh at myself and my circumstances a LOT, and make me feel someone "gets it" rather than sort of... preaching at me because I feel blue, or I'm not "perky" enough... or some other nonsense. :) Happiness and joy and optimism have a place in the world, imo, but not to take the place of reality... I know people right now that post all kinds of "positivisms" on their Facebook, and they do absolutely not ONE thing that their "quotes" and "positive thoughts" tell them to do... lol It's just some empty notion... that they don't realize it's empty.

My, look at how I’ve rambled… Clee… The blues are not always bad. DO check on your Thyroid, or Diabetes control, before embarking on any more medications, though. I didn’t, and as a result I had a major seizure from all the meds they had me on… And try to hang in there. Know that lots of people are in a similar boat… and feel like you do… And perhaps explore your creative side… :slight_smile: I take up photography, or poetry… or I snuggle with my cat, I dunno. :slight_smile: Best of luck. :slight_smile:

Clee – the numb feeling, hollow shell – we’re all familiar with it, I think. It’s bizarre and annoying, isn’t it? Disconnected, is how I term it…

Being is sometimes the best solution, stop everything, let yourself be, and it will pass. But if that’s not enough, definitely look into the dosage/alternate medication route. Like diabetes, I guess this is a case of managing, which also means one has to do the guinea pig thing till is feels right, has the right solution, at least for that period of time. It’d be easier to think we’re always predictable, but in truth, even physically, we’re always changing, even if by small increments, too small to notice till there’s a noticeable change.

Glad you are feeling better today! We’re with you!

Oh… and maybe look into an exercise routine. I hate exercise, with a passion… but it sure help boatloads, too. In some recent post on here, they showed how a recent study showed that exercise helps more than meds… in most situations. Pretty shocking… but I know I felt a lot better with time, and with some exercise.