Feeling really unwell when BSLs high

Does everyone with high/higher BSL reading feel dreadful. I get really tired, depressed, achy and generally feel awful. What are other peoples experiences. I have type one and Im on a pump.

I feel really awful when there is a big change in my BS, Sometimes even while I’m coming down from a high. When I level out in a couple hours I am ok again.

My wife tells me I am a super big jerk when my BS is high…lol…I get a short temper.

I tend to act like a drunk idiot… I do things that I normally wouldn’t do and say things to people that I wouldn’t ever say… it’s gotten me into trouble a couple of times… :slight_smile:

I feel disgusting when I am high…it is awful! I am tired, lethargic, sweaty, my mouth is drier than the sahara desert…it is generally an unplesant experience.

Thanks Amy. I actually have never asked this question before. My doctor never mentioned it and kinda dismissed it when I asked. I was beginning to wonder if I had another illness. Its great to be able to compare notes on this site.

Thanks Michael. i dont get angry. just really depressed which is not great for those around me. Thanks for sharing.

i usually just feel tired or out of it, especially lethargic. But if i eat i’ll feel fine, and then i’ll crash and want to take a nap. (if i don’t take enough medicine, or none)

I know what you’re talking about, or I should say my Husband knows what your wife is talking about. I get really winey and not very nice. He’s beginning to know when I’m running high without even looking at a meter. Poor guy.

Often when my BG jumps high I get a headache that OTC pain meds don’t help at all. I get sleepy because I feel really unwell when this happens. Since Friday I believe I have been coming down with something which has been raising my numbers in the wee hours of the morning and the afternnoon. Have since changed my basals to accomodate the temporary new requirements. It frustrates me when my BG jumps high because I check often and I worry that it will raise my HbA1C number. But knowledge with this disease is power and often that means revisiting books you have read. I revisited the chapter on high BGs in Pumping Insulin and followed this book’s advice. I noticed you said similar things about the lows. I have been evening out the bumps of the roller coaster affect this past month. As you may know, a low can often create a high later in the day due to our bodies dropping its emergancy stores of sugar. I am trying to test my basal rates currently. Be happy if you still feel not so good with low blood sugars. Initially a low blood sugar often gives me a somewhat eupohoric feeling and because my body is getting sweaty I feel all warm and toasty. Sometimes this has made me not look at the cause until things get worse. I have been catching my lows with frequent testing. I don’t want to give my spouse PTSD from helpng me out with my lows.

Hi Thank you very much for your reply. Do you have some books you would recommend? You mention -PUMPING INSULIN - where did you find this? Do you know the publisher?

It sounds like you are managingwell most of the time. Well done.

Here is the official page for Pumping Insulin : click here

Also, you can order it through Amazon (at regular Amazon prices) by using this link and a small amount of money gets donated to the TuDiabetes community, but it doesn’t cost you any more.

Hey Mark or should I say Howdy neighbour! We have just recently moved from Melbourne to Warburton but haven’t ventured to Perth as yet.

I get very lethargic when high, my feet will start to ache and then depending on how high and for how long the aches will rise further and further up my legs. Short of breath, no motivation, so not all that much different to yourself.

Thankfully that was in the days before going onto the pump, what a rollercoaster ride those few years were. Being able to deal with the highs a lot quicker has been wonderful.

Hi Mark, (another aussie!)
I feel terrible when I am high, and when I am rising too. I feel lethargic, foggy and like my head is going to blow off! If I get really high the nausea etc kicks in…so you are not alone :slight_smile:

Hi Mark. You’ve gotten lots of great responses to a really good question here, this info. will be helpful to many. Like several of the previous responders, I get further away from my normally pleasant and sunny outlook when my BSL gets high. I get very lethargic and sleepy … and (unfortunately) downright nasty!

I get tired, depressed and really restless (when at sleeptime). I feel crappy. I swear when I give a correction I can feel it working and I can feel my blood sugar coming down. I am also a jerk when high. I get extremely agitated and grumpy.

I think/hope I have had a breakthrough in managing “D” I had always been advised to balance my carbs with the appropriate ammount of insulin. This has not worked well as any carb values over 15/20 would not be addressed by the insulin and I would go higher than safe levels. I’ve now cut carbs largely out at lunch and dinner. Now doing well.