High Blood Sugar Woes

Anybody else not able to function at all with a high? I’m talking like 250’s to 300 plus. I don’t get a lot of highs at all but when a freak one happens its debilitating.

My wife hit 466 this afternoon and did not notice a thing - go figure

good thing I checked with the libre

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Yes, I would take a low blood sugar over a high blood sugar any day!


There are times of course with things like the dry mouth or the just not feeling comfortable at all when yes a high blood sugar is just the worst thing imaginable. Other times yeah I don’t notice it or feel anything is wrong. But the best way to sense it I feel is with the mood changes or the overall feelings of well being. When those change or do not feel right, the blood sugar should be the first thought.

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Irritable, forgetful, and ungrounded - that’s what I feel when I get into the 200s. Also, my eyes feel watery and my lungs feel congested. I wonder about these last two, but seems a pretty consistent experience.

Thank you Scott_Eric, sometimes it makes me feel like I’m going crazy feeling that way and then can almost enjoy a low.

Those last two symptoms I’ve never personally experienced but I will tell you my blood feels so thick, especially in my chest, that my lungs seem heavy.

When I go high, especially when it occurs rapidly, I experience an overwhelming desire to sleep. Not exactly compatible with a work or school commitment.

A healthy glucose metabolism is able to manage blood sugar levels to an exquisite degree. As an aside, did you know that the average adult male, with five liters of blood, only has one teaspoon of glucose circulating when his blood sugar is 100 mg/dL (5.6 mmol/L)? I suspect that none of us could taste any sweetness if we dissolved one teaspoon of sugar in five liters of water.

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That’s amazing @Terry4! I want to stay at that one teaspoon level for a while. :stuck_out_tongue: :weary:

Any reading over 250 and I fall asleep. Like a light switch, click.

I use a Tandem pump. The new infusion pump connection is difficult (for an old guy anyway) to remove and put on for the first time I use an infusion set. It slips out! Today I hit 400! Felt OK mostly but a little off. It took 4 hours to correct!

I also hate the highs. I would prefer lows over highs any day. I hate that “wool sweater” feel I get in my mouth, the difficulty breathing and the nausea. And it always brings me back to my diagnosis DKA experience. Don’t ever want to go there!

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I switched to Tegaderm for the sets slipping out, I don’t know if this would work for your issue since I’ve never owned a Tandem.

I feel irritable, like crying, and usually fall asleep

I get the sleep reaction only when I have a low with a rebound high - overcompensating? - but otherwise feel fine when it is high, although I’ve read it degrades thinking. Most of the time, the loss of a few IQ points is likely not noticeable, since much of life can be done in ‘low-power’ mode, without much intellectual labor…

It’s strange that you feel fine when high, I’m extremely sensitive to high blood sugar and would honestly rather be missing an arm or a leg then have to go through the feelings and complications I get from it. I envy people To an extent who don’t care about/notice highs at all but I’ve never known how that feels.

It’s not that I don’t notice, but I have a particular odd feeling when it is in the range of 150 to 200. It’s hard to describe, and doesn’t always occur, only that I tell my spouse I feel ‘off’. Over 200 isn’t so bothersome, but there can be a ‘raspy’ feeling, something coarse but not specific.