I got new insoles/inserts (isn’t there a better term?) today. Last time they were electric blue, so you couldn’t possibly wear them in dress shoes or with any shoe where the edge might peek out. This time-thank goodness-they’ve got a nice black cover. Pin striped even.

I don’t think my podiatrist agrees with my neurologist that PN is the source of my foot pain. He did the filament test, and I can still feel all of those spots.

But geeze, dude, all the anti-inflammatory drugs & insoles & revisions and wearing boring shoes didn’t’ control my pain and the anti-seizure meds do! When the podiatrist doesn’t believe you, whatcha gonna do?

I don’t really think I need a podiatrist at this point in my diabetes. What do you guys think?

ORTHOTICS! The word I was looking for about the things I put in my shoes beneath my feet is Orthotics.

I suffered with PN for many years and finally got relief about 10 years ago when I learned how to have tighter control. All the years with PN I had numbness in my feet I couldn’t tell whether I had socks on or off. My feet would feel ice cold even though I had no feeling on the bottom. I also had trouble falling asleep because of pain in legs and feet. If you want to better manage your Diabetes and relief your pain do as I did, see a CDE and they willl help you get control of your Diabetes.

What is a C D E ? please send me a email or write on my wall with the answer . I have them same problem for many years. I still deal with it now. The doctors has not found a control method yet. I pray for the day that i will be able to go to sleep with out the aid of sleeping pills and other medinces.

I have the same inserts for my shoes. To me they are a temporay methods . But do give a little relief. I think you should wear them until they do not help no more. Right now i have to wear a medical device called A F O for my right leg , at this moment i have a walking boot on. Once the A F O arrive i will place the boot on my left foot and then the doctors will place the brace and cast on my righ leg. The reason for all the different methods are due to the fact that i have experience numous inflammed tissue in my legs . The doctors found out thru MRI scans.

Crystal, CDE stands for Certified Diabetes Educator. Educators are more versed in how to get tighter control of Diabetes management. My educator is also a T1 and a pump trainer. Here is a link for their website, there you will be able to find an educator in your area just click on “About Diabetes Education” and choose find an educator. Here’s the link http://www.diabeteseducator.org/

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Assuming that the shoes and insoles have been properly fitted, I feel I actually receive benefit from the special shoes and insoles. I feel I have also found that some of the shoes and insoles you can buy ‘over the counter’, so to speak, from a reputable shoe store are as effective as what I have obtained from a podiatrist. They are not a cure for me, but a benefit.

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