Felt like I am betraying my patients!

For the first time in my career, I am not going to be here in Riyadh for World Diabetes Day. I will be on my annual leave, going home, to Egypt.
I felt suddenly depressed, turning down invitations to participate in many activities round the city, but I wanted to know what is going on in Egypt. Since I left my country long time ago I go there to see my family and that is it.
For the last four years I started attending The Pan Arab diabetes conference in Cairo every March and started asking questions about diabetes care in Egypt, a country suffering from increasing population, economic problems and soaring rate of obesity.
I will be home. And when I will be back, I will arrange many activities for my dear patients. They will be busy going to many activities round the city in the coming two months…

Sohair, trust me, you’re not betraying your patients! I hope your patients truly know how good they have it in that they have a doctor who cares so much for them. You are not the typical health care provider, and because you do so much, sometimes you need to be rejuvenated to keep going. I am fortunate to have an extremely good endocrinologist too, and I know what an important part he plays in my health care. Go enjoy yourself in Egypt, and be refreshed so that you can continue in what you are doing!

Sohair you are a truly special person, and I would consider myself lucky to have you for a doctor for any of my family. You take great care in treating your patients but you must remember that to treat your your patients well you must also take care of yourself. You have to take a break and rejuvinate your mind and body, see your family and you will feel much better when you return to your patients. I work in a medical office and I know how hard everyone works, especially the doctors. Have a wonderful vacation and please take some more of your beautiful photo’s for all of us!

Even a physician must take time to care for herself. You are a human being too! Have some felafel and fuul for me!

Dear Sohair,
How kind and thoughtful you always are to all people. As you would give a refreshing drink to a patient you must refresh yourself. I agree with everyone. Please take the time for you and your family You would encourage any parent to take the time to sleep, relax, eat and regain strength. And you would tell all of us to do the same. We will all be here waiting for you and when you return we will all be stronger for the good you have done for you and your family. Have a wonderful time. We will all be with you no matter where you are.