I do belong here!

When I joined I stated that I have NO diabetes. I felt like an outsider all the time though I live,talk,think Diabetes for years.Well I changed my profile just now.I do have my patients who are family to me,I have relatives with diabetes,I am from a population which modern way of living proved it to be genetically predisposed to develop type2 diabetes.
The comments about doctors by some friends left me sad and trying hard to do my best so my patients will never feel the same way.I am teaching my patients to demand for better care from me and from health care system.I am always mentioning you guys as role model to my patients.
Today I was thinking of quitting hospital work and opening charity education clinic as diabetes care=education.I have to discuss it with my husband for financial support…
Yesterday I joined weight watchers group,gaining weight,and with rising fasting blood glucose.Sometimes I wanted to belong,not being on the other side,the one who explains,not the one who has to do the real work. I admitted that I wished sometimes to develop diabetes,but when I found my self crawling towards the big monoster Mr D,I did feel scared,really scared…

Hi Sohair, I am sorry to hear that D could be getting closer to you. It’s true that sometimes as being a parent of D kid, I wish I had it instead of him. But actually, I really do not wish to have it. I am proud of your work and the work that you are thinking of doing also. You take such good care of others, maybe this is a good time to extend that care for yourself as well. My heart goes out to you and… thank you.

every person who wants to know about diabetes is a freind here someday you may save a diabetic the more people who know about it the better.thank you for being are freind!

You are one of my angels here, Sohair! You have helped me so many times, I couldn’t count all the times.

You are SO welcome here. I love your input. Have actually been kind of amazed at your loyalty to this site, considering you yourself aren’t diabetic. Bless you for trying to understand. Hope you don’t join us in the D way.

Oh my goodness Sohair. You absolutely belong here!! You are such a dear sweet compassionate lady, plus you have the knowledge to contribute when we need an expert opinion.
We love you!!

Sohair…whatever you are going through, we are all here for you. It sounds as though you are so very valued by your friends, here, and I am sure by your friends, family, and patients at home.

Sohair, I only hope that you feel the same love, concern and acceptance that so many of us has felt from you. I understand the inexplicable desire to be the one with diabetes, perhaps to better help, or, in my case, as a bargain in exchange for the diabetes my son has. Try not to be fearful about it for yourself. Sometimes we forget to take good care of ourselves. Take the time for you and your life, and know that so many would be here for you as you have been for us.

I can certainly understand. As a person who is currently controlling diabetes with diet and exercise, I sometimes get the impression that this, and other, diabetes-oriented communities have an “insider clique” for those who have autoimmune diabetes… and that those of us with T2 “don’t get it”. Largely, I think we don’t… we are not the ones who go from 42 to 402 and back within an hour for no possible reason… On the other hand, we do get it… the need for keeping track of what we eat, what our blood glucose levels are, how much exercise we’re getting… It is my personal goal to stay off medication for as long as possible, while maintaining the understanding that there may come a time when it again becomes necessary.

The other thing we sometimes forget is that, by trying to understand, and by learning what questions to ask to improve our own understanding, we are helping others both here and in our own communities. We are brushing away the darkness of ignorance with fireworks of inspiration, with candles of light, and the occasional flutter of angel wings when somebody else “gets it” and passes it on…

You accepted the old moslem me who coveres her hair ( only recently).Your understanding and support are amazing.Your beauty and great heart is unbeleivable…God,as you mentioned Debb,our God bless all of us and the whole beautiful world he made…

Sohair, as someone who grew up Jewish but not very religious, and who has at times felt pressure from my schoolteachers to not observe my religion, I am pleased to find the Muslim women in my neighborhood unafraid to wear the hijab. As someone who has at times had trouble finding Kosher food, I am pleased to find neighborhood stores offering Halal food. It tells me people are unafraid to believe and to practice their faith. I live in a country that is supposed to support freedom of religion, but which too often seems to be “freedom of Christian religion”. Finding the strength to be and remain of any other faith reminds me that we have not completely forgotten our national origins.

The day Adam & Eve felt happy

The synagogue lit all candles
The church bells rang sweetly
The mosque minarets echoed
God is great
The village woke up
For a mass prayer
The songs of praise
Filled the air
The moon smiled
The stars shone happily
Adam & Eve looked down
And blessed the village
They joined their children
Singing songs of praise

12 August 2008


Beautiful :smiley:

Not only do you belong you contribute greatly to the community!!!