From perhaps the least techno inclined of the do you account for fiber when you are taking fat and protein into account? My technique is to adjust for protein and fat by adding "a bit" to my bolus and extending it "for a while," depending on the mix. When I add fiber to the science, I reduce my bolus "some," and feel that I can wait less time before I eat. I am curious how those of you who are going by numbers and results (as opposed to intuition,) adjust.

Thanks in advance.....this is great!

Hi Elaine
I don’t make any adjustment for fiber in my calculation. I did at first (I deducted fiber grams from the carbs), but that didn’t work for me. For my body, a carb is a carb is a carb. Having said that, I try to make my carbs “count” by either being fresh veggies or very high fiber products (per gram of carb).

I dont subtract fiber from the carb count, either. Even though you read to do that, does it work for anyone? I do think that it can slow the spike, however. I was more concerned with the timing. Do you think that with a high fiber meal a longer extended period would be called for, to delay the insulin? For instance, if I eat whole wheat pasta with a cheesy cream sauce…The fat will require an extension. Should we also take the whole wheat into account? Another example is nuts. Low carb, but they cause my blood sugar to sky rocket so I bolus for the carbs and almost an equal extended amount for the fat. They have fiber also. Would you give a very extended bolus for the fat as the fiber also slows the spike?

Thanks, Danny. I guess some PWD are able to subtract fiber from the carb count of a meal…I generally do not but do feel that some adjustment might be beneficial in terms of timing.