FIFTY-50 food

Has anyone ever tried any of the Fifty-50 products? They are supposed to be low glycemic index. I had a serving of the oatmeal cookies (four small cookies - 27 carbs), and took a bolus. All was well. I decided to eat another serving and did not do insulin. The package said they would not spike your blood sugar. I tested six times over the two hours, and BG never went more than 10 points over. Kept checking over the next three, and no spike. I was wondering if anyone else has ever tried any of the products they offer and if so, what did you think? Did it make your BS wacky? I want to buy more of their products because 50% of the profits go to diabetes research.

I have seen them but have never tried them. how did they taste?

The oatmeal cookies are not too bad. At first they tasted really sweet and left a bit of an aftertaste (for me anyways). Subsequent times the taste did not bother me. My wife and kids like them, so I consider that a plus.