So now I'm a little depressed along with having awful BS

For the first time in a long time by FBS was under 126. I decided to experiment with adding a little bit of carbs to breakfast, this low carb stuff leaves me a little dingy. So, I decided oatmeal would be good, low glycemic, high fiber, healthy for you and all that jazz. Apparently along with everything else I can't eat I can add oatmeal to the list. 112 point increase is just not worth it for oatmeal.

If I'd known it was going to do that I would have eaten a candy bar or something good instead. I'll see what the dr. thinks of that on Monday. Off to go see if I can aerobic some of this off, just had to vent a bit.

:( That's too bad. Maybe try oatmeal at lunch? I used to be able to manage that. I might even try again. good luck Joanne

Do you take insulin before you eat? Most days I try to pre bolus at least 10 minutes. Usually 20 min is perfect for me for breakfast. Also I have recently found kashi 7 grain pilaf. It doesn’t spike my BG and it tastes amazing with some butter and a smudge of maple syrup for breakfast. Hope that helps a little.

Only on met. Up until about this last year diet, exercise and met kept me in decent control. Going to the GP Monday but I'm afraid he'll put me on some kind of oral med. Since my BS swings widely (it's somewhere around 85 now) that scares me.

Try half the oatmeal and put some protein whey in there to remove hunger.