Fighting the urge to snack

I can’t. =) If I’m bored, or slightly snacky, I want to eat…what’s the best way that you’ve come up with to combat that awful urge to snack so frequently. And does the urge ever go away?! =)

Actually I understand that small, low-carb snacks are good. The key is small. A bit of cheese, some raw veggies, a few (emphasize FEW) nuts, a no-sugar pudding. These between-meal snacks help keep the blood sugar on an even keel.

But I now what you mean about the munchies that in the old days we might have satisfied with larger amounts of chips or crackers or something we knew wasn’t good for us. Now it’s not only not good for us, it’s definitely BAD for us.

But…satisfying snacky urges quickly with a low-carb snack may help fight off those huge munchies that are so hard to fight.

That is a universal problem,diabetics or not.The urge is amazing,I try to think of something I like,or get busy away from food,then in 15 min the urge may hide to appear later…But tea or coffee usually satisfy me instead of eating.

I chew on a piece of sugarless gum.Sometimes all we want to do is chew.