Does anybody else get the craving to just grab a handful of something and scarf down? I see people at work eating when they want and it’s not too bad…but sometimes I just want to eat something but regret it soon after when my BS hits high…what are some good low to no carb snacks? Sometimes I but a bag of sugarfree hard candies and leave it in a bowl on my desk. Anybody have some suggestions?!

I SO know what you mean. I crave chips, and salty stuff like mixed nuts. Somedays I really want to sit with the whole bag or can…and that’s not good at all! I’m all ears about what is low carb for scarfing too!

You are good with nuts. Of course you don’t want to eat a whole can, but they digest slow. Also cheese is good for a pick me up and salami too. The high fat content of the nuts and salami makes you feel fuller also. I like cheese sticks too. My favorites are the mozzarella, but any of them will do I don’t do chips at all, but if you are craving them get some. I would try to get a small bag though so the temptation isn’t so great. Certain brands of french onion dip are carb free too. I may be nuts, but i like the celery sticks with the french onion dip. When you are really wanting something start reading labels. There is an All Bran cracker that will let you have liike 17 crackers for 14 carbs. That’s not bad when you want something crunchy too and there is fiber as well. The list is pretty long. I am sure a lot of people will have more suggestions. Good luck.

I usually pack a baggie of raw veggies in with my lunch - baby carrots, sliced bell peppers, celery sticks, etc. and a bit of salad dressing for dipping.

Good suggestions! Veggies and cheese sticks are two of my favorite munchies! Thanks for all the tips =)

Don’t we all get cravings? At home I’ll grab a stalk of celery out of the fridge (if I’m being good). Usually these cravings come when I’m at work though, partly because the last thing I want to do is work! So I’ll get up and make trips to the coffee machine, the vending machine etc. Sometimes they have a trail mix of almonds, sunflower seeds, and raisins. I’ll bolus a tiny bit for the raisins, but its filling.

my newest fave is pringle stix. it’s about 12 carbs per pack. crunchy and tasty.
they are available in four flavors pizza, vanilla, honey butter and crunchy wheat.
I’m more partial to vanilla and honey butter.

I also like veggies sticks as well. Sometimes I dip with hummus, but usually ranch.

Planters Pistachio Lovers Mix is another i like. It’s 7carbs for about 35 pieces.

oh, yes. i know that feeling! if only =) i normally don’t snack. just the 3 meals and teas here and there. But sometimes I get the munchie craving…and my stomach growls…grrrrr…so i try to do nuts or such…

I LOVE smartfood popcorn! That’s one of my favorite things to snack on. If you’re a chips person they have a few newer kettle cooked ones that are better for you and less carbs … like brands dirty or miss vickie’s. My CDE also turned me on to gnu bars … they are full of fiber and actually taste good. I usually eat them for breakfast but they could make a great snack too.

not sure i could do those gnu bars as a snack, but definitely a breakfast idea. still a good bit of carbs. are they pretty filling?
I’ll have to order some and at least give them a go.

The gnu bars are around 30g of carbs which isn’t too, too bad. I think they are pretty filling … sometimes I’ll have a small yogurt with it for breakfast but they are fine by itself too.

I ordered the sampler pack. The flavors sound delicious. :slight_smile:

and shugah free jello.