FINALLY got insurance approval for a dexcom!

Hi Everyone!

Following about 14 months of fighting my insurance company for approval for a CGMS, I just found out last week that I’m approved!!! I’m super pumped, because I can’t afford to pay for the CGMS out of pocket, but now I’ll be able to have a monitor!

I just HAD to tell someone to celebrate my little victory. Nobody that I work with or am friends with has gone through this process (thankfully), so I’m turning to you all who have definitely fought more fights that we all would like to think about.

Three cheers for fighting the good fight and staying healthy!

You made a wise choice - MM CGM is a joke and the Abbott Navigator seems to be folding up.

Congratulations! Don’t you love it when something FINALLY starts to go your way!? Enjoy!

Thanks! I know in the grand scheme of things it’s kind of stupid to celebrate getting insurance approval, but I’ve been after it for so long it really does seem like a victory.

Congratulations Brett! Very happy for you. :slight_smile:

Three CHEERS indeed for you Brett !!

Congrat’s.My insurance co keeps saying “no” as well. I’m still trying though :slight_smile:

congrats, Brett! i just started my dexcom yesterday after a (shorter) battle for insurance coverage. i’m betting you’ll be very pleased with the system:)