Just started CGMing today

Wow this is really cool thus far. It started off rocky due to my choices
and actions, but its working good now. My CDE and I went through some
very in depth discussions on Super Bolusing and TAG Bolusing, which
helped out A LOT! Then came time to take the plunge. I had been somewhat
dreading this due to the gigantic needle on the CGM sensor. Its a Minimed, so that was expected. I chose to go my arm since I have a
decent layer of fat there, which will help preserve my abdomen for
infusion sites. Anyhow, I prepped the site, and got it all prepped, and
put it in place. I cringed a bit and then did it. BAM!! No real pain
until I screwed up and thought it was like a serter where the device
pops off after. Nope. I dropped it down a bit and it came 1/2 way back
out. The CDE tells me “Grab the table, this may hurt some” I did and he
pushed it back in…OUCH!!! So we get the tape set and all that.
Then comes the needle removal. Now under normal circumstances I would
have been of sound mind to know to hold the tape while removing the
needle. No luck there. I grabbed the needle and pulled (I wanted it
out…and quickly!) and I’ll be darned…out comes the sensor
too. So here comes jab number 3. In it goes again, OOOOOOUCHIE!!! Well
after all that we get it set again, and needle removed. Again, common
sense would have told me this isn’t the end. He grabs some Skin Tac to
help the tape stick better. That stuff has to be at least 40-50%
alcohol. I’m already bleeding some because of the 3 previous sticks. He
hits the area with it, and I though my arm was on fire!!! Holy guacamole
that burned! Well after almost passing out (and I can handle pain) we
get the IV3000 over it and secured (with lots of pushing and tugging
mind you…more discomfort) We got it in good. All in all it wasn’t the
worst, but it darn sure wont be forgotten soon. I ate lunch after my
first cal, and it has been smooth sailing since. The numbers are a bit
off from the meter (expected due to delay and so forth) but its cool to
see it all up and running. My initial thoughts were of pain, but as the
initial body response is wearing off its a lot more comfortable, and
seeing it work is like letting a fat kid loose in a cake factory with a
fork!!! Awesome stuff. I will keep you updated. And just so you know,
the CDE was very helpful, but the issues were caused by my choice of
location. I will think that one through better next go round.

Congratulations on your CGM. The arms are tough - I haven’t tried many infusion sites there, let alone attempt a sensor site there - especially because it is hard to do solo. I have had pretty pain free insertions on the belly and the thighs. It is amazing to be able to see how food effects your BG on the graphs.

Yeah I was preferring the arms due to the infusion site conservation issue, but if arms are going to be like that, I may just stick to my belly fat lol All in all it feels good now. I think it takes a few hours for the body to get over the insertion. I feel no pain at all now. Lol the Skin Tac probably helped drown out the other pain temporarily!!!

I’ve never tried inserting on my arms. I tried twice on my thigh and that seemed to be a very irritating place for me so, I always use my belly. I’ve been using the CGM for over a year now and I know what you mean about conservation issue!

Wow. What a morning you’ve had. Congratulations on a successful lift-off. I use the Dexcom and it seems insertion is a bit easier. The longer I have the CGM the more I think it should be standard issue for every newly diagnosed diabetic. What a fantastic tool. My sensor stopped early last week and I had about 4-6 hours without any CGM information and I felt like I had lost a limb. I wish you the best in your CGM experience. It’s a real game-changer.

Oh I know what you mean SFPete…Its very cool to know in an instant how your doing overall for the day…and your right it is a game changer. I won’t be caught without mine now!!!