Very impressed so far!

Hey everyone! I've been pumping with MM722 for three yrs now and finally purchased the minilink. I can't get in for training at my endo's office for 3 more weeks and I just couldn't wait, so I went ahead and started myself. So far so good I think. Between the training video and booklets that came with the pump and all the helpful advice found on this site I'm up and running without a glitch, so far. I found the sensor insertion no more painful than an infusion set insertion but the anxiety prior to pushing the button on the serter was brutal. I actually broke out in a sweat! LOL! Anyways, I'm very impressed with it so far!

Well, I finally got a bad sensor error after 9 days. I used the tricks mentioned in other threads about telling the pump to start new sensor on days 3 and 6 and recharged the transmitter on day 7 then I was able to get two more days off the same sensor. I just inserted my new senor on the back of my upper arm. I put all my infusion sets on my belly and thats where I had my first sensor so this is the first time with anything on my arm. It was totally painless but removing the serter and the introducer needle with one hand was pretty tricky! Although I had no problems starting my last sensor right away I’m going to take your advise John and wait 6 hrs before starting this one. So far i am very happy with these results and am so glad there is a site like this, I don’t think I could have done this by myself without all the helpful advise here and I would still be waiting for training. Many thanks to everyone who has posted info in other threads related to CGM!