Hi everybody!
just wanted to say hello! And FINALLY we have been given the go ahead to start our IVF therapy! It took 3 long (for me anyhow) years to get things under control enough for our (my) endo to give us the go ahead. I can hardly believe that we actually get to start ‘trying’.
Now a whole new set of things to worry about…
Still can’t really believe we finally overcame such a huge hurdle (although if you listen to my husband ‘Superwoman’ here did it all by myself) Can’t believe how lucky I am to have such great support, I just hope he makes it through the mood swings reported to accompany hormone therapy! lol

Congratulations! Good Luck!

Awesome! Good Luck!!

Thanks ladies!

Just found out last night amazing follicle numbers (assumed by the test results), so we get to start hormones asap (like end of the week)! Planning a collection and implantation for August! OMG I can’t believe we’re finally this far!
Oh soooo many steps ahead, but what a start :0)

Hi again everyone… just wondering about hormones and their affects on blood glucose. We have started our IVF ‘program’ and it seems to me that the estrogen that I am on now is keeping my b.g. higher, perhaps causing some added insulin resistance as well. While I appreciate that a hormone, is a hormone, is a hormone, I would just like to know if anyone else has needed IVF and run into this problem too. Well, of course, how you dealt with it as well :slight_smile:
Trying to stay optimistic (but I still have all the bits I can cross, crossed :wink: