IVF and Side Effects

Hi Everyone,
I am hoping for some feedback from anyone who has gone through IVF. My husband and I are starting IVF and I have noticed a few things that I have not seen in other IVF posts. For a lttle background info-I am 42 years old, T1 diagnosed as a baby, no complicationsand in excellent health and currently on a pump and CGM. I was pregnant late last year but miscarried at 9 weeks. Once we got the OK to try again this year we did Clomid for 5 months with no success and then did 2 rounds of timed intercourse (with the Ovidrel trigger shot), also with no success. During the timed intercourse I took progesterone suppositories (Endometrin) for the two weeks following the trigger shot. During all of this I had no swings in my numbers or any real reactions to the meds. I noticed on quite a few other discussions that progesterone did impact some people where their numbers started going up. I am currently taking the Lupron shots and have just started the Gonal-F shots. This is where I am noticing a difference. The Gonal seems to make my numbers spike IMMEDIATELY and take several hours to taper down. I have increased my basal to 130% to counteract this. Has anyone else had this issue? Once the embryo transfer occurs, I will have to be on low dose steroids for a week. Yikes! Already talked to my endo about this and he says I should be OK with the steroids but I will need to talk to him daily if my numbers go too high. Did anyone else take steroids and if so, how did you do??

Any feedback/words of wisdom are definitely welcomed and needed!

I saw this post on the infertility page and popped over her to see if anyone has commented yet. My husband and I went through several forms of fertility treatment. I started with IUIs before we went through 2 rounds of IVF. None of my 3 IUIs took and the first IVF didn't either. The second one did and I now have beautiful twin 2 1/2 year old boys. I was 42 and on a pump and CGMS as well when all this was going on. No complications and healthy too. I did not see any increase in BG with progesterone and I don't remember spiking with Gonal-F or Lupron. I was NOT on low does steroids though and I don't know why you need them? We went through 2 fertility specialist and neither of them used steriods after the embryo transfers. I'm going to assume you have already had the proceedure so give us an update on how you're doing and I'm crossing my fingers for you!!

We actually just had the egg retrieval on Wednesday, (I'll be doing a separate post about it.) The steroids started the night of the egg retrieval and are taken over 6 days. The reasoning for the steroids is to fight infection after the retrieval. We were told that the chance of infection from the needle actually retrieving the eggs was enough to outweigh the cons of steroids. My endo was OK with it. I am on day 2 of steroids and have adjusted my basal up to 200% and have had no issues. I also started on an antibiotic for the same reason-to keep healthy and stay healthy until the transfer. It is part of the protocol for this doctor that he uses on everyone. As soon as I posted about having spikes after taking the Gonal, the spikes stopped! My blood sugar evened out. When I spoke with the nurse she thought that my body had adjusted to the meds. When I started on the Lupron I had low grade headaches for two days but they went away on the third day. Hopefully I won't have anymore issues with the meds!

Good luck on the process and hope you all have success

I am waiting for AF which is due tommorow and if I dont get the best result, we are starting IVF..

I too am nervous about how its going to impact my BGLs but Ill keep my fingers crossed..

Good luck to you as well!!

Hi All,
Just wanted to leave an update. We were scheduled for our embryo transfer on this past Monday. Unfortunately it never happened. Of the 18 eggs retrieved, 11 made it through fertilization and genetic testing. Every one of the embryos had abnormalities-only one had one abnormality, all the rest had multiple abnormalities. To say that we were stunned would be an understatement. Of all the things we worried about, this was not one. Other than my diabtes, I am freakishly healthy. The doctor seemed surprised by the results as well. The results were so bad that using my own eggs will not be a possibility. We have a follow up in two weeks to review the cycle and talk about other options. The only option really being using a donor egg. We are both still too numb to really think about going forward. If anyone has any info on using an egg donor and potential cost, we would really appreciate it.

Sorry to hear your bad news.
Hopefully the Dr may advise this is an unusual situation and you may get another chance on your own before having to undertake other options
Either way, good luck which ever way you go!


In answer to your original question, Ive just got through to egg collection today and I can say the drugs Ive been on so far (Puregon & Crimone (sp) for antagonist& Ovidrel for trigger) and my blood sugars seem to go down
Im expecting if I get to Egg transfer that they will go up with the extra progesterone but we'll wait and see..
How you have had some good news for your next steps