Finding way to get out of Medtronic pump warranty

I have been using a Medtronic Minimed pump for close to a decade and was sold on the new 670 and later upgraded to the 770 because of the communication with the continuous monitor. Unfortunately, I cannot wear the transmitter and sensors at all without developing a horrible rash immediately and have had to forgo the whole reason for getting this pump. I have been wearing the Dexcom for several months now with no issues with reactions but sadly this does not communicate with the Medtronic pumps therefore I am looking to switch over to the Tandem TSlim pump for this feature. I do have a year left on my Medtronic pump and am having issues getting Tandem to offer a pump until my current pump is out of warranty. Has anyone been able to get out of the Medtronic warranty to make a switch such as this? Is this something that I may have to go to the FDA for Medtronic not doing anything to prevent skin reactions from several patients to get out of? Does anyone have experience with this issue at all or dealing with an early switch from Medtronic to Tandem?

The warranty period usually drives when insurance will cover a new pump. Are you willing to pay out of pocket for it?

Have you tried using “barrier” products or different locations for medtronic sensor? I have heard others mention this, but don’t know the specific barrier products.

Here is topic on barriers.

And more on barriers

I wish we could find a way around the warranty issues but everything is insurance driven. And they run the asylum! There is no talk for new equipment until the warranty is up. And sometimes if there is nothing wrong with the pump, they won’t do it. That is where the pump companies than ask if there is something wrong with pump, like damaged screen, buttons that stick etc. It really sucks, especially when something like this happens. Good luck with trying to find a good barrier to help with the rash. There are some good options out there or you just might have to wait. I am so sorry!

thanks for the awesome information.

Most pump manufacturers have a way to “buy your way out” of your current pump if you switch to theirs. For example if you want to go to a Tandem Tslim, look at some of the fine print here: t:slim X2 Insulin Pump Upgrade Program | Tandem Diabetes Care

There is a sneaky way around this taht I found accidentally.
If you change your insurance plan. Even just change the deductibles or copays. All of your time limits become erased.

I did this with a 20% deductible to a 10% and after that, I was told I was eligible for a new pump only after 2 years.
I didn’t want to get a new pump so I didn’t, but I could have.

Good catch! I knew this offer was available in past, didn’t realize they extended to 2021.