Finger infection advice?

I have gotten an slight ingrown fingernail from biting it too short a few days ago. I know I should have used nail clippers. And today as the nail struggles to grow out straight I saw a drop of infectious puss from under finger nail, and my finger tip is slightly red. I have never had an infection from an ingrown finger nail.
So my question is how important is it to get treated. I have an appointment for the doc next Monday. Is that too long to wait? Should I make an emergency appointment. I was told if anything like this happened to my feet I should seek help asap. Is there anything I could apply like Neosporin in the mean time. Am I overreacting?
I know most of you aren’t doctors but any advice would be helpful if you have had a similar experience how did you deal with it? Thanks

I used to do stuff like that and slide a syringe of Hydrogen Pyroxide in between the nail and skin (NOT into the skin…) to irrigate the gunk out? I’m sure that’s counterindicated but it seemed to work ok. It can also help to pack cotton under the nail so it grows out but you have to change that regularly to prevent infection too.

Eww! I would never slide a syringe under my finger nail! I had an ingrown toenail a couple of months ago, and the podiatrist said to keep neosporin and a band aid on it, until she can treat it. And treating it hurts like hell! Just saying… So, just keep a band aid and neosporin over it until you can fix it.

Neosporin would be good to use - they have used that in the past on my feet with problems. Keep it covered but keep a close eye and if it looks like it is getting worse, get to a doctor right away. Don’t use peroxide like AR said - a lot of wound doctors don’t like that stuff so unless a doctor says that is OK, I would not use it.

You should soak the finger in warm salty water several times a day.For 10 min. at a time. Maybe 4 times a day. Then use neosporin on it. That should work until your doc appt.

Definitely agree with Kelly and catlover. Soaking it will draw out the puss and the infection. It helps a lot and sometimes it makes it feel better, but the ingrown part will still be there. Keep the doctors appointment scheduled, but if it looks like its getting worse rapidly and disgustingly, see someone about it right away!

Does it really matter what kind of salt I use? I have some generic iodized salt, is that ok? Does it have to be sea salt or epsom salt?

Had one similar to yours before and Neosporin worked pretty good. When I nipped my toe (pedicure) and got infected, Fucidin was also suggested to me by my doctor.

I have a hard time just injecting insulin so that idea, although it sounds very effective, I don’t think I can do that.

I’m going to try small amount of neosporin since I have some already. I’m guessing it will be all healed before my next doc appointment. But I want to be safe.
Does anyone know if regular generic table salt is ok to use?

I have had this problem quite a few times and have, like you, done it through biting my nails. I think you need to go to the emergeency - but be prepared to wait. An ingrowing nail is not as urgent as a heart attack, whether you are diabetic or not. You need to get onto antibiotics as quickly as possible to fight the infection, and you might need to get the infection lanced to let it out.

Diabetes is in my experience a bit of a nuiscance when you have an infection, whether it is an ingrowing nail, an infected scratch or whatever, but you need to keep checking your sugar levels and dealing with it. It does depend a bit on the individual.

Salt is fine to use. Soak the finger in warm salted water but I have a feeling you will not be healed by Monday. The problem with ingrowing nails is that the infection has nowwhere to go and it internalises.

LOL, that’s why I said “it’s probably counterindicated”! I’m sure your doctors would also frown upon taking any medical advice from people named AcidRock that you met on the internet!! The cotton thing isn’t quite as intrusive and seems to have fixed some on my toes, which has been good.

I think doctors also look at your face to see if you are credible.

I have had several ingrown toenails, never fingernails. If it is all healed, then great. But the fact that the nail is ingrown won’t have gone away and getting rid of the immediate infection only fixes it for a couple days. Ingrown nails can persistently give you problems. Even if it is all healed, do ask your doctor for help in keeping the nail from getting ingrown.

You can use regular table salt.