What should I do? Please help!

I was just at a local store trying on pajamas, and as I was putting one leg through and stepping down I felt a stabbing pain in the ball of my foot. I looked at it was a straight pin that went through…I swear it went in until it could not go further, like hitting my bone. It bled a lot through my sock and on my shoe. At the store, they gave me alcohol wipe and bandaid but I’m wondering if that is enough. I can’t remember when I had my last tetnus shot and I am concerned that pin just laying on the ground went through deep in my skin. If I were not Type 2 person with diabetes, this would not be a big deal. Should I go to the doc tonight?

I would definitely call your doctor first thing in the morning. If you have some Neosporin, put that on it until you can get to the doctors and make sure you push them to get in right away. Do you have a good podiatrist? And by good, I mean one that is a foot & ankle surgeon, not just a regular podiatrist.

Not trying to alarm you, but I almost lost my leg from what started as dry-cracked skin and I did do what I was supposed to do and called my doctor right away. I ended up with MRSA. You had a foreign object in your foot that you don’t know what kind of germs were on it so you don’t want to mess around and take a chance.