First A1c and bloodwork since DX

I guess this is a pat on the back for myself. Not an easy 3 months, but well worth it.

My numbers at DX

A1C 9.7


LDL 375


This weeks test reults

A1C 5.2


LDL- 128

HDL 59


Dude! Huge pat on the back, excellent work. I can’t imagine how difficult it was either, I know dropping you A1C is hard, but in 90 days? Kudos to you

Yowza. Great job. Please don’t be dissappointed if the progress slows down at this point.

Wow! What a HUGE improvement. You should be very, and rightly, proud of yourself; we all know that took a lot of hard work and dedication on your part.


good job. I am impressed!

That’s fantastic! Lot of hard work & it paid off. Congrats!

Holy Smokes!! Wow, BIG congratulations. :slight_smile:

Wonderful!!! Way to go! So proud of you. :))))

Wow! Here’s another pat on your back! Way to go!!! Keep it up!



Amazing! Congratulations to you!

Thanks for all of the additional pats on the back. Now comes the hard part…keeping them all in check.


Holy super reversal Batman!!! You probably have better lipid profiles than your friends who are not diabetic. Great job!

OMGosh!! I’m not sure we have a tudiabetes award for “most improved” but I think you deserve it. That is awesome. Each and every one of us knows the dedication behind each and every number.

WOW that’s great. What a great start. Quite the change, enough patting on the back, just plain good job! LOL

Big congrats to you!!! Way to go!!

Thanks for showing me it can be done! I am 3 weeks post diagnosis, and I go for all testing again in early April. I can only hope I show such a great improvement. You did fantastic!