First Chemo on Monday

My husband and I spent close to 5 hours yesterday with my Oncologist who we both really liked. She was personable and knew her stuff. I would recommend her to anyone (in the Atlanta area) – she has a great bedside manner and very positive person. We found out a lot of information on my cancer.

She is suggesting that I have 4 rounds of chemo starting this Monday. I will have chemo every 3 weeks (21 days). I will lose my hair probably by next weekend (it will start shedding). So you can guess that I’m going wig shopping this week! I will take a combination of 2 Chemo drugs that I will be given via IV for 4 hours. I will have to take steroids the day before, day of and the day after chemo.

As you may know, steroids make your blood sugar rise so I will have to be very careful with monitoring my sugar levels as I don’t want to go to high these 3 days. However, I would rather a high then a low blood sugar. I will then have to go back to see her the following day for a booster shot for my white blood cell counts called Neulasta. This new shot helps chemo patients not to be so sick during the days right after your chemo.

So up until now, my blood sugars have been as normal as they usually are. I have no complaints as a Type 1 Diabetic and Breast Cancer patient to this point. But I’m sure the hard part is about to start with the chemo drugs in my body. The doctor and nurses told me that the key is getting through the 5 days after chemo. That is when you are at your worst. So if I can get through to Friday, then I will be good to go until the next round.

So more to come folks…