Chemo Round 1 of 12

Yesterday was my first round of chemo. My doctor was out of town so I had to meet with another doctor that made some bad jokes and seemed really unorganized. Not ideal for my first day on chemo. Aside from that the treatment went well. I was pretty nervous just finding a chair amongst the rows to sit in and nervous about getting hooked up. Seeing the needle the nurse was going to insert into the port in my chest was a little scary but it wasn’t bad at all. Karen and I were there from 11:30 - 4:30. Kind of a long day. There was a lot of switching IV drugs. All in all it went smoothly. They sent me home with a pump that will continue to deliver a drug called 5FU. I have to wear it for 48hrs and then return it to RMCC on Saturday. I’m feeling a little run down today but otherwise ok. No nausea which is great. The one issue I am having has been my blood sugar. It’s been way up so I’m having to take a lot more insulin. I am hoping that my blood sugar will only be an issue for the first few days of treatment. We’ll see… It will be good to have this first round under my belt. I think it will make the rest easier. 11 more to go! Wish me luck.

you are so strong, I really admire people like you, keep being optimistic I know you’ll kick this thing.

Take care,


Thanks for the update Brian.

That indeed sounds like a long day! I’m glad that you haven’t had nausea and I hope that the blood sugars get under control.

Wishing you ALL the best! Keep us posted!!!

Hi Brian your brave!

SO much is changing in your body I am not surprised your BG is going up. Be a bit careful though my mother in law never got nausea until 2 or 3 days after treatment so just be careful you have a good deal of IOB :slight_smile:
Be well and be loved


Hi Brian,
I know you are going to be fine…but you may want to take a look on this site. This might help you a lot…and after looking at the site why not try to research the details and read some testimonials…lets pray and everything are going to be ok…thanks and good luck…