First endo followup from t1 diagnosis for my daughter and just found out her celiac is positive

Was feeling pretty good about her adjustment till this news, going to see gi and biopsy soon. Any words of wisdom from other t1 celiac folks?

Well, if my 85 yr old Mom can handle it…I guess a kid can.
But seriously, look up Celiac. com and check out ROCK (Raising Our Celiac Kids, Danna Korn.).
Back when I suspected I might have it, she emailed me a few replies and she was as sweet as can be.
I’m pretty sure she is still there.
Her book “Wheat Free Worry Free” and her program and materials were so nicely geared to the young ones. I just really liked reading her info. Mind you it was a few years ago, but again i do think she is still there.
And food options are so much better than they used to be when my Mom was diagnosed some 20 years ago.
I know some folks here can help with the challenge of diabetes and Celiac, so I know you will get lots of help.