First insulin shot and Pumps

Well. I was diagnosed around the first week of December 08. i want soo badly to get a pump. i see alot of videos about diabetes on YouTube and they make me feel like i have a sort of “group” of supporters. And i have seen alot of teenagers had there mom or dad do there insulin for them. my second day in the hospital after getting diagnosed, my nurses (who were SO sweet) asked me if i wanted to try using my pen (i had been getting my insulin Via I.V. ) so with lots of encouragement and deep breaths i did my first injection. by my self. and i do it all the time by my self and i NEVER let my mom do it for me. :o.

Im going on vacation Sunday and i wish i had a pump to make the trip easier. And im doing everything i can to prove to my insurance company that i’m responsible enough to handle a pump. i have heard many great things about the omnipod, and if i get one i will name it Amanda, After my best friend Who i dont see often :frowning: or Timothy After My Amazing Brother.

Im so glad i have so much support from my family and friends, and youtube. one person on youtube who really helped me get thru these past months is Kerri Sparling (sixuntilme) she made such inspiring videos and blogs they give me the will power to keep going. so i wanted to say Thank you ...


I am using the omnipod and I LOVE it, But I have also been diabetic for 17 years so I dont know how insurance companies work with newbies, I did just recently start the pod in September 08. Good luck with whatever happens, Keep us informed about your journey!!!