First Restaurant Meal

Today I had my first meal out since I started bolusing 3 weeks ago. It was my Spanish teacher’s birthday and I took her out to lunch. I’m going to the beach for four days on the 17th so I figured this was a rehearsal. It was complicated! I took my meter and my frio with my Apidra. I live in Guatemala and so I had language and cultural concerns. Guatemalans love both sugar and meat and don’t quite get people that don’t eat either. The waitress suggested a drink and at first said it didn’t have sugar, but then with some probing revealed it did. I ordered the ratatoille and said hold the potatoes that came with it. The plate came with the potatoes, but no problem I just gave them to my friend.

I had decided it was best to wait to bolus until the meal came because you never know with service, especially here. When it came I stood up to go to the bathroom and so did my friend. She wasn’t being inconsiderate, she just wanted to wash her hands and didn’t understand that "my needs are the center of the universe of course! I made a guess at the carbs (I’m sensitive so it was a choice between 1 or 2 units) managed not to drop everything in the toilet, did my shot and returned to lunch. Well I overestimated the carbs in the lunch (should have eaten those lovely potatoes!), and underestimated how strong the drink I ordered with! Started feeling odd and went back to test and was 69. I ordered coffee (the milk usually helps raise me up 15 pts). I got home a little while ago and I was 57 so I ate 1/4 cup of raisins. Oh well, it was a learning experience. I think when I go to the beach I’ll be on my own so won’t be distracted and will think more about what I am going to be eating carb-wise.

i just go to the bathroom as well.
as for overestimating carbs, i do that quite a bit.
it happened to me twice the other day!
dont worry, it happens to all of us.

Thanks, Jade. Yeah, it’s definitely different in a restaurant than at home. After interrogating the waitress for ten minutes I didn’t want to pull out a calculator and two reference books and look like a total weirdo! When I go to the beach I’ll probably eat most of my meals at the hotel restaurant. Maybe I’ll ask to take a menu to my room so I can compute all the items. That way they’ll only think I’m nuts once…lol

I don’t know if you have this there, but here most restaurants have a guide of how many carbs are in each meal- and the serving size information. They don’t advertise that they have these guides, but if you ask, the manager or someone should be able to fish one out for you.

I’m pretty good at guessing portions now, but 11 years ago, I even asked McDonald’s for their guide- and they had one!- so that I could figure out what to eat when my friends wanted to go there.

We all flub up. haha. 's ok. I’m glad you took the plunge and tried. The first few times are stressful and scary, but it’ll get better.

Restaurant meals are certainly a challenge, even without a language/cultural barrier. Years ago in Paris I tried to order a salad without the slab of ham & fried egg on top (my former pre-diabetes vegetarian life). My French isn’t good, but the waiter understood. Got my salad, but with the egg & ham on the side because he couldn’t believe I’d pass on the ham & egg:)

I’ve overdone the restaurant bolus many times. Put myself through college waiting tables & tending bar. Know how much salt, sugar & fat restaurants add to things that don’t even taste sweet, so I err on the side of caution. So boring to go out to eat & order plain veggies & protein.

keeping a menu for yourself would be a good idea.
don’t afraid to ask for what you want! :slight_smile:
and i know what you mean
about not wanting to look like a weirdo.
i’ve never even checked my sugar in public.
and i go do my injections in a separate room even at home!

Yep, you captured the feeling of Guatemala as well, Gerri. If you can afford meat, why wouldn’t you eat it? Rice and beans is for poor people! And sugar? That’s just what makes life good! I remember several years ago in the U.S. when you ordered iced tea it always came with sugar automatically. Then after awhile I stopped asking because it never did; at least that was in California, I don’t know about other parts of the U.S. Here sugar is considered a birthright!! Definitely no carb lists here, but thanks for the thought, marps!

Egg and ham on top of salad?? Hmmm…

I wouldn’t have known about the egg & ham until I saw the table next to us get one. Mind you, that was a dinner salad! I assumed it was just going to be a small green salad.

I live in the South (from NYC) & tea in the south is always sweet tea. Same thing with mayo–it’s slathered on everything.