This is a first!

I woke up this morning to a pod screaming saying it was occluded, I went to take it off, then went to use restroom and there was blood everywhere. Has anyone else had this happen? My arm is super swollen and hurts really bad…

chrystal, so sorry this happened to you. my son has had less extreme versions of this, fellow podders call this a gusher, you must have had an occlusion hence the alarm. i guess it is good that it does this so you can be alerted there is a problem although jacob has has seemingly occlusions with no alarm and high bs's. at least you were at home and not in the middle of a meeting or class or something i would keep a close eye on it thought for infection since it is also hurting more than usual. hope you have a better day. amy

Although I don't use a pod but a pump we pumpers at times have had gushers I guess it occurs for the same reason.

Thanks it was much better today! I have worn pumps before and never had the problem of it gushing like that…I have had bleeding but not that bad. And never in my arm. Thanks for the kind words Amy I like having support.

when you feel supported it makes everything better, diabetes is not a good one to go alone! only those effected by it get all the implications, variables and frustrations! here is hoping for a better pod stretch.