First week in the books

I'm slowly getting used to having this thing attached to my abdomen all day. I want to stick with the abdomen until I get a good handle on my numbers. I've read that some people experience different absorption rates for different sites and I'm trying to limit the number of variables I need to adjust for in the early stages.

I have to admit, it is nice to get away from the multiple injections and the ability to bolus at the touch of a button. I also like the fact that I'm not tied to my twice daily basal injections as well. I can go to bed early or sleep in late and not worry about my BG levels.

My BG levels were a little high for the first week and I knew that my initial levels were a little conservative. We've tweaked my basal levels and hope to finally solve my high morning BG levels due to DP. I've also tweaked my I:C levels. They range from 1:4 in the morning up to 1:10 in the evening. I think I still need some tweaking in my morning calculations, but with lots of testing and my trusty DEXCOM I'm confident that we can dial it in.

Thanks for all the encouraging words and support on this lifetime journey.


I've used the back of my arms from day one and probably won't go abdomen. No problems so far and it's completely out of the way. Good Luck! You're gonna love it....

I do experience every so slightly different absorption rates between my arms and abs. I prefer active times with it on my arms. But I'm a side sleeper and with the pump on my arms, it makes it uncomfortable to sleep at times. So I tend to wear it more on my abs, in front. During active times it does get in the way there, but I can sleep easier. Kind of a no-win situation. I tried it on my leg once, still not sure if I liked that or not.

After a couple months of adjusting a LOT on my omnipod, I finally figured my food intake lifestyle was too diverse so I decided to join Weight Watchers. It was like a light switch how quickly my levels became less jumpy, and my insulin usage when down much more than I expected. Still adjusting basals a little to get it right, but it is getting easier. But the BG readings show a much better trend. Kind of a pain having to double calculate every meal, and the WW points and Carbs don't always sync. But I think it's worth it.