Five weeks pumping and getting better

Well time,And the forums, has helped me learn quiet a bit in these last five weeks.Ive learned how to start counting carbs and not to be afraid to be aggressive.My bs have been around 70 all day and i ate a huge piece of watermelon and it did just fine.Yesterday went to Backyard Burger and ate a burger and fries and it stayed in range also so i think im getting the hang of it a little.My fasting this morning was 70 and i bought fell out,lol.Should have done the pump long time ago.Now CGMS is a little different story.Just havent hit the nak for it yet but ill make it work

That is excellent Derek!!! I know for me - being on the insulin pump has made my life easier - tho’ I know if I’d been as diligent with MDI (multiple doseage injecting) as I am with the pump now - I probably would be able to do just as fine - but not everyone is into injecting frequently. I just figure while I can afford to keep this luxury (heck - those that say it isn’t don’t obviously have a good job / insurance / whatever ) - I will continue to use the pump. When/if I do go back to MDI - I have learned so much in managing my diabetes - I will hopefully be able to replicate what I did with the pump just as easily. Keep up the good work - and keep us posted on the CGMS (I tried it - didn’t work for me - due to my lack of patience to try it longer - and having another thing stuck in me).