Florida and the other areas affected by Ian

I just want to give many hugs and well wishes to anyone affected by Hurricane Ian. I think we have some people from Florida and probably some of the other areas affected.

I hope you are all okay.


I have a son who lives in Cape Coral. I haven’t heard from him since Hurricane Ian struck. I hope it is due to lack of power and will hear from him soon.


@Willow4 Hopefully it’s just because they don’t have cell service and power and he’s okay. You must be so worried, that is an area that got hit pretty hard. Hugs.

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Just heard from them not an hour ago and they are fine. They have a gas/lp generator, saved up a bathtub full of water before the hurricane hit, and plenty of food. Just had no cell service nor power. They are powering fridges and freezers for neighbors on both sides of them. No flooding. Just shingles were all blown off the roof. They were very lucky.