Fluffy Bread

At first making bread with alternate recipes resulted in good rising fluffy bread. Now it is dense. I do not know why. I have tried and tried. Suggestions as My daughter wants a good recipe for a food truck diabetics can have.

What “alternate recipes” are you trying? And why do you think they are more “suitable” (???) for PWDs?

In my opinion the biggest problem a PWD faces when eating out anywhere is never knowing what the hell you are getting in terms of carb counting. Others may have their own additional personal concerns, but for me it’s not knowing how many carbs I should bolus for.

I am usually not looking for some “special” recipe. Just having a better summary idea of what is in the recipe which was used would be fine by me in probably almost all cases.

Of course, the “low carbers” might have a different perspective.

I used almond flour, vital wheat gluten and xanthan gum and other things that are better for diabetics. I used no wheat flour or sugar but the fact is that it did rise and does not now and was wondering if someone had a recipe that did work for them and was fluffy and good or if they knew what would cayuse mine not to rise.

I also used yeast

Better in what medically documented way? And for what it’s worth, those who have both D and celiac disease might disagree about the benefits of the gluten. I believe I once heard that celiac may be (is?) statistically more common among people with diabetes. For myself, I also add gluten when I make bread. But’s that just me.

Just going back to my point that I’d rather just know what is in what I’m ordering as opposed to having some other person speculating about what is or is not “good” for me. :no_mouth:

Does your recipe use baking soda or baking powder? Once you open a package, they can lose their “oomph” over time. Also, differences in ambient humidity and temperature due to seasonal change can make a difference, Finally, be sure to calibrate your oven periodically to ensure correct baking temperature.

PS. For carb counting, you can use a recipe analyzer to determine the carb count of a loaf and use the resulting carb factor to compute the carb load for a slicing weighing X grams or ounces.

Could you point towards or describe examples of a “recipe analyzer”? I have always just gotten by with a spreadsheet I kludged together.

Here’s the one I’ve been using: http://www.caloriecount.com/cc/recipe_analysis.php?ns=1

I don’t save the recipe and nutrition info online but make notes in my cookbook instead.

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I will try the baking powder suggestion and use the carb counter