Yes, Virginia, There Are Zero Carb Breads & Bagels!

I've been researching & taste testing low carb breads for a while. I also make my own using almond flour.

Low carb breads I've tried don't cut it. Healthwise Bakery sounds great! They make several zero carb products. Yes, zero carb! Ingredients: flours(organic wheat bran, natural wheat protein isolate, natural oat flour), purified water, sea salt, calcium propionate(a natural baking preservative),chicory roots, yeast(sorbitan monostearate). No soy, no artificial ingredients.

Unlike hyped products that fail to live up to claims, Healthwise products are independently laboratory tested for nutritional accuracy.

Healthwise products are available through Linda's Diet Delites

I've been emailing with Andrew at Linda's Diet Delites. Andrew answered my questions promptly. He's very nice, knowledgeable & honest. Great customer service.

Healthwise Bakery products are pricey, but they're currently offering a 35% off sale. Join Linda's Food Lover's Club to receive the discount code & info about specials on other products.

I'm not affiliated with Healthwise Bakery or Linda's Diet Delites. Just sharing info about what appears to be a wonderful product.

Yum… Gotta check that out. :smiley:

i want some almond bread! Sounds good, i’ll check out healthwise bread

Hi John,

The recipes you’ve used may not have enough eggs. These muffins don’t fall apart. They’re nice & moist. Almond cookie recipe at the bottom. Hope you like them.

Muffins (Endless variations on what could be added–poppy seeds, lemon extract, lemon zest, maple extract, banana extract.).

1 1/4 cups almond flour (or golden flaxseed meal, or 1/2 of each)
2 teaspoons baking powder
1 Tablespoon cinnamon
1 teaspoon nutmeg
1/2 teaspoon salt
Artificial sweetener equal to 3/4 cup sugar. (I use zero carb stevia powder & less than recommended equivalent of 3/4 cup).
4 large eggs, beaten
1/4 cup virgin coconut oil
1/2 cup water
1 Tablespoon vanilla
1/2 cup chopped pecans

Preheat oven to 350 F. Grease a 12-muffin tin very well, or use cupcake liners for no clean-up.

  1. Mix the dry ingredients together, then add the rest of them.

  2. Let batter stand 10 minutes, pour into the muffin tin. Bake for about 18 minutes until a toothpick comes out clean & muffins just barely start to pull away from the sides of the tin.

Each muffin contains 2 grams effective carbohydrate plus 5 grams fiber. More carbs if use granulated Splenda.

Almond “Sugar” Cookies

1 1/4 cups almond flour
1/4 tsp baking soda
1/4 tsp baking powder
1 cup Splenda (I use 1 tsp stevia–much less needed)
1/4 cup butter at room temp (not melted)
1 large egg, beaten
1 tsp vanilla extract
1 tsp almond extract
dash cinnamon
Additional Splenda for sprinkling on top of cookies (optional)
Sliced almonds for top of cookies

Preheat oven to 350 F. Line baking sheet with parchment paper, or use a non-stick baking sheet.

Mix flour, baking soda, baking powder & sweetener together. Blend in remaining ingredients until mixed well. Form into 1" balls, place on baking sheet & flatten with a fork. Press a sliced almond into each cookie.Sprinkle with Splenda, if desired.

You can also add unsweetened, grated coconut for a different flavor, or peanut butter. For grated coconut, soak in a bit of water before using or it’s too dry. Or, drizzle chocolate glaze on top after they’re cooked & cooled.

Bake for 8 minutes, or until set, but not brown. Watch closely because they burn easily. Allow to cool for a couple of minutes & then move to a wire rack to cool.

Carb count depends on the type of sweetener used. Granular Splenda has carbs. Liquid Splenda has no carbs. I use Fiberfit liquid Splenda from Stevia, check labels because some have carbs because of added bulking agents.


This tastes somewhat like cornbread & is spongy. Yummy with cream cheese! Great with soup or stew. It’s not like real bread, but I like it. Sooo easy & fast.

You can double the recipe to make the bread thicker. It will need to cook longer, if you double it.


1.5 cups almond flour
4 eggs
1/2 tsp baking soda
1/2 tsp salt
1 TBS vanilla extract
Equivalent of 1/2 cup sugar ( I use FiberFit liquid Splenda from It’s great & super concentrated. I’ve had one bottle for almost a year. To use Fiberfit in this recipe, it’s just 1/2 teaspoon.)

Preheat oven to 325.

Put all ingredients in a blender. Blend just until completely smooth.

Pour into a greased square baking pan. I line with parchment paper instead for no clean-up. You can get parchment paper at the supermarket & reuse the same piece over & over.

Bake about 24-26 minutes until set. It darkens some, but doesn’t brown.

You can also add 1/2 cup of grated sharp cheddar cheese to make cheesy bread.

I’ve added blueberries & it’s like blueberry cornbread. Changes the carb count, of course.

Using zero carb sweetener, it’s only 16 carbs for the entire recipe. 33 carbs minus 17 grams of fiber.


i was looking through some of the products and noticed they are low net carbs, but are still carbed about the same as any other foods. i guess i was just having a “wishful thinking” moment!

Finally got myself some powdered stevia (even though a small bottle) so I will get to make your muffins soon - although that cookie recipe looks great! Do those taste anything like the chinese almond cookies you get at chinese restaurants? Seems like it would?

You wouldn’t happen to know of a recipe for low carb BISCUITS would you?


The carbs are the same amount as the fiber, so essentially it’s all fiber. Check out the web site.


I believe not all nutritional labels are accurate & honest. There are hidden carbs in many products that aren’t listed on labels. I’ve plugged ingredients in calculators & come up with far different carb totals than stated on labels. Google “Hidden Carb Calculators” & you’ll get calculators to test true carbs.

What seemed legit to me was that Healthwise’s nutritionals are independently lab tested. I’ve not seen that before.

I emailed with Andrew questioning the true carb effect of the zero carb claims. These baked goods are all indigestable fiber. Andrew said Healthwise is considering a statement on their packaging guaranteeing their products will not cause BG rises for diabetics.

Even at 7 carbs per serving, that’s still far less most & no artificial ingredients.

When my order arrives, I’ll let you all know what happens with my BG. I ordered their pitas & pita chips. I’m super carb sensitive, so I’m a good test subject:)

Stay tuned for the results.

Hey Kimberly,

Glad you finally found some stevia. If there’s a Vitamin Shoppe near you (or you can order on-line), their Vitamin Shoppe brand stevia uses fiber as the bulking agent. It’s not bitter either. I just started using theirs & like it.

The almond cookies don’t taste as rich as the Chinese restaurant kind.

I have several low carb biscuits recipes I can send you. They all use butter, so they’re not vegan. Seems that only butter works to give that biscuit flavor & texture. Maybe you could try substituting some other vegan fat, but I don’t know what would work as an alternative to butter. Coconut oil doesn’t work well because it melts too fast even if you start off with it cold & solid.

Thanks that would be great!

Yes, please send! I used to make my own vegan biscuits (but with white flour) before so I have all the vegan subs for the butter etc…I use Earth Balance Buttery Spread - its vegan - no carbs. Tastes like butter to me. I also have Earth Balance Vegan Shortening - I got to check the carbs on the label though. It is vegetable shortening though - probably no carbs. I used to use a split of half of the butter and half of the shortening to get a puffy flaky biscuit - Add some vegan gravy and super yum! That is (was) my favorite food for breakfast and brunch! (unfortunately WAY too many carbs! )

Thank you!!!:slight_smile: Can’t wait to try!

I do have Vitamin Shoppes around here. I was checking out their D vitamins the other day. I’ll look for the stevia next time I have to buy some. Thanks!

That would work great! You’re an experienced biscuit maker! Let me know how they turn out. Won’t be as light as flour biscuits, of course.

I never baked a thing before being diagnosed.

Hi Gerri

I just used almond flour for the first time to make crepes. OMG, so good. I feel like I have discovered a carb food loophole. I was wondering if there is a website or book you regularly reference for recipes. Just hunting around I found a site Comfy Belly (link below) that isn’t tailored to diabetics, but has some good baked good recipes although the the honey would need to be replaced with an alternative sweetener.

Thanks for all the recipes on this string!

Hi Carey,

Ooo, love crepes. I use them for enchiladas, seafood Newburg, too. I use so much almond flour that I now order 25 lbs. at a time from Honeyville to save money. Theirs is wonderful & I freeze it.

Coconut flour is a good substitute also.

Thanks for the Comfy Belly link. It looks great!

I don’t bother with diabetic recipe sites or cookbooks. Haven’t found them useful because I eat low carb. Their recipes tend to be high carb & just substitute artificial sweetener for sugar. I’ve seen diabetic cookbooks with pics of pasta on the cover. What?!

I search low carb & gluten-free sites.

Here are some:
Linda’s Low Carb Menus & Recipes
The Low Carb Cafe
Low Carb Luxury
Simply Recipes
Low Carb Eating
Low Carb Friends

Wow, Gerri…thanks for all the great info!

Thanks Gerri, great links!

Hope you find some recipes you like.

I posted some low carb dessert recipes on this discussion today, if you want to check them out

Gerri, you need to write a cookbook. Bittersweet dark chocolate and peanut butter are in my top three favorite foods (the third is pink lady apples). I am excited to try the truffles and the torte!

Very few of mine are original as far as writing a cookbook:)

The truffles are super easy & so’s the torte. The torte is to die for rich! If you’d like a crust for the torte, mix together 2 cups of almond flour with 4-5 TBS of melted butter & press into a pie plate.

Checked out the site and everythingg looks yummy!