Fluid Retention and What Works to Reduce it for Folks?

I am experiencing immense fluid retention resulting in body weight gain and bloating. Does anyone else have this occurring and what if anything works to reduce the fluid retention?

I think hot yoga with steam is helping and walking. I am seeing a nutritionist this week to ask about it and diet/exercise too.

Started insulin October 18 2016 and immediately gained 15 pounds within 2 weeks no change in diet. I feel bloated everywhere almost like pregnancies.

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Insulin can cause water retention. You may find adjusting salt intake helps. But also you should talk with your doctor about this and they may prescribe a mediation.

Once you get your blood sugar normalized this retention should be reduced.

So f you were not pregnant I would suggest low carb high fat diet with extra salt and water. Don’t do that diet :slightly_smiling_face: Eliminate soda and caffeine, try to eliminate processed foods (sodium). This includes any pre-packaged food (that means yogurt cups). Insulin is a hormone among many hormones you are dealing with - it is a factor in fat storage - talk to your team about the weight gain, in the meantime cut the silly carb intake out - make those carbs count towards your pregnancy - fresh veggies and fruit, etc. keep drinking lots of water and running to the bathroom it’s a double benifit!

HI I am NOT pregnant! LOL!! with my PAST pregnancies I experienced edema and bloating. I think my body type is more “prone” to bloating. I already eat low carb and will ask my doctor for some help. I am bloated all over my body. I drink a lot of water and eat healthy non processed foods…there must be more I can do but right now I am going for a walk!

Hmm. It is somewhat normal for diabetics to gain some weight the first few weeks they start insulin treatment, because before insulin treatment they tend to get rid of more carbs through urine. Once they are under treatment, insulin allows their body to process the carbs. But 15 lbs seems like a lot. I am sure some of it is water as you suspect. As others have mentioned, using less salt and cutting down processed foods (because they have so much salt) will decrease water retention. Good luck!

I also have weight gain, mine from a combination of gastroparesis (my body is in starvation) and the insulin. I’m finding that lots of water (I do boiled water with a slice of lemon) is helping me shed some of the weight…and lowering my sugars as well…I do have to be careful to leave enough room for food :slight_smile:

Water good, need to work on drinking more, try to drink 64 oz bottle during day and go through one in yoga. Saw nutritionist today and she said water also good. They are lowering my Tresiba from 19 in morning to 17 or 16 depending on how I do. She recommended more exercise and different types. I am trying to move more even while I work, getting up out of my chair every 15 minutes or so and moving around…

Why is your body in starvation?

The gastroparesis, which is delayed stomach emptying with nausea and vomiting 24/7. essentially, my body doesn’t know when food is coming next so it holds onto everything it gets… and usually it doesn’t get much …but it doesn’t hold me back, it’s just a condition that I deal with …like the diabetes…

I’ve found that eating cucumbers can help reduce water retention… (It’s an old Hollywood trick people used to drop a few pounds quickly.) I tend to get a fair bit of water retention since starting on insulin - cucumbers have helped me.

Sounds silly, but try it… :slight_smile:

Thanks! Cucumbers on my grocery list!

Thas, how much are you consuming in order to see a difference?

Seriously - I see a difference eating just one large cucumber a day. Not seemingly that much, but I see a big improvement.

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