Fodmap diet and dex-4 (glucose tablets)

I’ve tried looking up this info online but am somehow not able to find a clear answer…

For any insulin-users who are on the fodmap diet, do glucose tablets have anything in them

that goes against that diet? The ingredients in my tablets are dextrose, citric acid, cellulose, magnesium-

stearate, ascorbic acid, green lake blend, and then the rest looks like maybe food-coloring. Thanks

in advance.

I’m not familiar with the Fodmap diet. However, based on what I can find online, I don’t think your tablets go against the Fodmap diet.
Dextrose is simply glucose. Glucose doesn’t seem to be a problem in the fodmap diet. Fructose on the other hand goes against the diet if the levels of fructose in a certain food exceed glucose levels.
Our body cannot digest cellulose, so it isn’t a fermentable saccharide and not a problem in the fodmap diet.
Magnesium stearate, citric acid and ascorbic acid are not problematic either. At least they’re never mentioned as problematic on web pages like this one (look in the comment section where people post ingredient lists).
Green lake blend is a blend of synthetic food colorings (yellow and blue, resulting in green), so I don’t think it is problematic.

Again, I’m not familiar with this diet, so this is the best advice I can give.

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Thank you so much! :slight_smile:

This is an old post but I’m updating it for anyone reading it. Fodmap or people who suffer from fructose malabsorption should also steer away from sucrose because it breaks down to fructose and glucose on a one to one ratio and can make you sick even though sucrose is a disacharide and iw converted to one glucose and one fructose, many still may find this combination makes them ill.