Food diary

Hi guys! So I’m supposed to keep a food diary for a week until I meet with the nutritionist next week. How freakin’ hard is this! I don’t know what my problem is, but I can never remember to write stuff in it. What do you guys do to remember, and do you keep a food diary long term or only as long as you are required? Usually I write the number of carbs I consume daily but never item for item what I eat. Is this a normal practice for when seeing a nutritionist?

Hi Devon,
Take pictures with your cell of everything you eat, then sit down at night, look at the pics, and write it all out:)

I just use an excel spreadsheet and keep here on my laptop track my sugar readings and what I ate I used to track my meds as well but that got to be a pain. if you have a good idea about the number of carbs you can track that too. I can update my log anytime during the day

I had to do this & found it to be a pain also. Like weighing everything & counting wasn’t enough.

I only kept a food diary for a short time.

I’m doing this too now at the request of my endo (been keeping it up for a month now). I sit down before bed and fill it in. It is time consuming, but important. Not many doctors will ask you to do this forever, just for a week at a time.

I know it’s a pain, but know that you are not alone.

I find that it acutally disciplines me as well because I don’t eat anything that I would not want to write in my book :wink: I am not always so disciplined. So it has helped!!

I kept one for a year right after I was first diagnosed. It is tidious and sometimes annoying. But it helped my doctor, dietician and I figure out short and long term meal plans. It also gave us impresions on the food I can eat more of, eat less, or none at all. Also helped me a lot with weight management.

THAT IS BLOODY BRILLIANT!!! I’m totally going to do that. THANK YOU!!!