Logging - What a pain!

I hate having to write down everything I eat. I always forget to do it...

So, as an alternative I thought I'd try something new. Having been inspired by all those people who take photos of their meals at fancy restaurants and then post them on Twitter I think I'm going to try photographing each of my meals. The plan is to whip out my phone and photograph the food, and then later I can transfer the files over to my PC and organise them by date and time to correlate with my BS logs.

What do you think?

I think that sounds like more fun than logging. I don't log food or keep track of it, other than what I put into my pump. I loathe logging.

I've been logging for quite awhile now. I write down what I eat, the carb total, blood sugars, and insulin doses. I keep mine in an 8x11 book. I must say, taking photos of every meal is an intriguing idea!