Food pairs

A simple game but lots of fun :slight_smile:

The first player lists a food, the second player adds a food that goes with it, then the third player lists a food that goes with the second player’s food and so on :slight_smile:

I’ll start with…

Brown rice

grilled salmon

tartare sauce

Cole slaw

LCHF folks where are you? What’s good?

Cole slaw and … hot dogs !

hot dog rolled in lettuce




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Curry & chicken!

Cauliflower (riced)


Cornish Hen, yummy. Low carb.


A small slice of pizza. Lol.
She’s hypo.

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Red Robin©️ has a burger wrapped in lettuce. Just ignore the fries that everyone else is eating.

A Diet Coke to go with the burger…

You gotta have chips to go with Coke.

A bag of Chips and a bowl of French Onion Dip. And about three or four units of insulin… and a quiet apology to myself for what I had done.

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